Study Abroad

Anthropology is a very international discipline: the classes and coursework in this department draw upon studies of many different places and peoples. Most anthropologists work in foreign countries and all engage with scholarship from around the world. Anthropology students are strongly encouraged to make study abroad part of their education and the department is currently developing a plan of study to enable students to conduct independent research abroad with which to write a senior thesis. 

UC Santa Cruz students have many options for study abroad or away. UC Santa Cruz Programs include:

Other UC and Non-UC study abroad options include:

For more information on program options and planning, please visit UCSC Study Abroad and the Conducting Thesis Research While Abroad pages.
Anthropology students who study abroad or away can petition up to two upper division anthropology courses taken abroad or away to count towards the Anthropology Major or Minor requirements. When approved, these courses count towards major/minor requirements as upper division electives. NOTE: The Anthropology department at most will accept up to TWO courses from another university – this includes universities throughout the country and courses taken abroad.


The Anthropology department does NOT pre-approve study abroad or away courses to count towards the major/minor requirements, except for any pre-approved courses for UCSC Global Exchanges. Students must petition for study abroad or away courses to count towards requirements after returning from abroad by completing the Coursework Petition Form.  It is very important that students save all of their coursework as it may be needed for the course petition. Syllabi that are submitted for course petitions must include detailed information about the course - brief descriptions of courses and syllabi written in languages other than English will not be accepted. It is the student’s responsibility to ask for a more detailed course description if the instructor does not provide it.

Only anthropology courses taken while on a study abroad program are normally eligible to count towards Anthropology Major/Minor requirements, however if a university abroad does not have an anthropology department, other related courses may be considered.

Again, SAVE ALL COURSEWORK!! It is the student’s responsibility to retain all relevant course materials for their program abroad. It can often be difficult to contact instructors after a study abroad program has ended.

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