Independent Studies

Independent (Individual) Studies courses are opportunities for students to arrange special courses to pursue independent work under the guidance of a faculty member.

The Anthropology department offers Independent Study courses for 2-units (6 hours of work per week) or 5-units (15 hours of work per week). Undeclared students may not take more than 7-units of Independent Study courses per quarter. Students who are declared in a major may only take more than 7-units of Independent Study courses per quarter with authorization from their department.

Independent Studies in the Anthropology department focus on lab work (ANTH 197 - Lab Tutorial), internships (ANTH 198 - Internship/Independent Field Study) and general research (ANTH 199 - Tutorial).

NOTE: Only ONE 5-unit Independent Study course can count towards the Anthropology Major requirements as an Elective. Independent Study courses CANNOT be counted towards the Minor requirements.

Process for Enrolling in an Individual (Independent) Study

Step 1: Student Meets with Faculty Sponsor

Student and faculty sponsor should agree to an outline of the proposed work to be completed prior to filling out the petition.

Step 2: Login to UCSC Google Account

You must be logged into your UCSC Google account to access the individual studies petition.

Step 3: Enter your name and select Faculty Sponsor

Upon clicking the link to the Anthropology Petition for Undergraduate Individual Studies, student will see an alert indicating the Google account that is signed in.  Please make sure that you are signed in to your UCSC Google account.  You will be prompted to enter your full name and select the faculty sponsor for your individual study.  You will not be able to submit the form until all fields are completed.

Step 4: Complete form in DocuSign

Upon submitting their name and faculty sponsor, student will be redirected to DocuSign to complete the form.

Step 5: Once student has signed the form, it will be sent to the faculty sponsor to review and e-sign.

The faculty sponsor may edit the “work to be completed” field in the form (if necessary). If edits are made, the faculty sponsor will be required to initial the changes, and the student will need to acknowledge the changes by initials. This process will be managed automatically by DocuSign.

Once faculty sponsor has e-signed, the petition will be sent to the Undergraduate Coordinator who will complete the DocuSign process by assigning a class number on the form.

All parties will receive a copy of the completed form by email from DocuSign.

Step 6: Student saves the completed form for their records.

The Undergraduate Coordinator will retain a copy.

Step 7: Enroll in the Class Using the Class Number Provided

The completed petition will indicate the class number student will use to enroll in the independent study course in MyUCSC.

Submitting the completed petition does not complete the enrollment process. It is the student’s responsibility to enroll in the course via MyUCSC.


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