Greetings... Drop-In Advising Hours

Thanks for stopping by the Department Anthropology advising office.  We have information about the major or minor and can help take care of your paperwork, and more: Do field work overseas; get credit for local internships; give a workshop or become a peer adviser yourself - come talk to us about it!

    Molly Segale, Undergraduate Adviser

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    As the Anthropology Undergrad Adviser, my job is to help students complete our programs on time while also having the most enriching experiences. I can help you with declaration, education abroad, choosing courses, pursuing independent studies and making post-graduate plans.

    My passions include travel and education, preferably both at once. As both a student and a teacher abroad, I’ve fallen in love with the world multiple times. My favorite adventures include running through the ancient Greek stadium in Olympia and telling ghost stories in a candlelit lecture hall to university students in China. 

    Please contact me if you have any questions about the Anthropology Department’s undergrad programs! I can be reached at, or just schedule a Zoom appointment now through Slug Success...

  • Brittney, Lead Peer Adviser

  • Brittney

    Brittney is an Undergraduate Anthropology Major with a particular interest in Cultural/Medical Anthropology. Her passion for anthropology began in her high school French class in which she not only learned of the French language, but of the culture and the history of that culture that came with it. Seeing the many ways in which cultural identities surpass political, social, and economic boundaries in order to grow inspired her to pursue a career that examines this kind of cross cultural connection and growth even further. Brittney studied abroad over the summer of 2018, in Perugia, Italy, and as a result of her final research project for her classes there, found a passion for Medical Anthropology. As a peer advisor, she would be more than happy to answer as many questions as she can about the process for being able to study abroad and any curiosities students may have of her own research.

  • Carla, Peer Adviser

  • Carla

    Carla Daniela Vargas is a transfer student from College of the Desert. She is sad, but excited to finish her last year as an undergrad. She likes meeting new people and seeing where her unexpected travels take her. She contemplated about different routes she can take career wise, but decided to double major in anthropology and sociology because it gives her a different lens to view one's own space and social space. She will be taking a year off in order to volunteer, complete an internship, and participate in the Peace Corps. She wants to find a career that helps people find hope in whatever environment they are in. She loves making new friends and reminding people to enjoy the little things while they are here and to be kind to everyone we meet. Being a peer advisor has given her the opportunity to make meaningful connections and help her fellow classmates.

  • Clara, Peer Adviser

  • Clara

    Clara is currently a senior transfer student from East Los Angeles College. She is double majoring in Anthropology and Sociology. Her pastimes are traveling, taking photographs of landscapes and old buildings, and tasting different foods. Her interest in Anthropology grew after taking courses in community college that focused on the cultural field of anthropology. She also plans to minor in Education and use her interdisciplinary majors to give her a broader understanding of the world and the history and culture of human beings. She hopes that Cultural Anthropology will help her become a better advisor when she finishes her masters in Rehab Counseling. As a peer advisor, she wants to help other students by guiding them and giving them the tools and support for a better experience in U.C.S.C.

  • Hilary, Peer Adviser

  • Hilary

    Hilary is a third year, majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Global Information and Social Enterprise Studies (GISES). Her interests within Anthropology are in Social and Cultural Anthropology. Hilary learned about Anthropology her sophomore year of high school and found herself loving the courses that required her to question why throughout history and the present, we humans have done the things we do. Thus, when applying to colleges she was certain she would major in Anthropology. Her passion for Anthropology has stayed true and expanded during her time here at UC Santa Cruz. She looks forward to meeting more Anthropology majors, bonding over shared interests, learning about what students are passionate about and supporting them in achieving their academic, career and personal goals. When she’s not working on coursework or extracurricular activities you can catch her on the phone talking to family, browsing social media, reading non-coursework readings, looking for post-graduation jobs and snacking. Hilary hopes you drop by during peer-advising hours.

  • Nina, Peer Adviser

  • Nina

    Nina is a fourth year, double majoring in Anthropology and History with a concentration in the Americas and Africa. The subfield of Anthropology Nina is most interested in is Archeology, but greatly enjoys Cultural Anthropology as well. For her History major, Nina is interested in learning the stories and experiences of soldiers 18 and younger during the American Civil War as it is important to understand the overall history of the conflict. Her interest for Anthropology began in middle school, when her father was conducting research for an introduction to cultural anthropology course. Her father took her on some of his trips, which sparked in Nina a great interest for Anthropology. Although her undergraduate career did not start off with Anthropology (she was a Biochem major), since her second year she has become heavily interested in Archeology, particularly in North America and Mesoamerica. Nina has participated in the UCDC program, through which she interned at the Smithsonian and the African American Civil War museum. Come during Nina’s peer advising hours to learn more about UCDC, if you have questions about personal experiences, help finding classes of your interest, want to talk about anything (even the smallest thing in Anthro) come by. In her spare time, Nina really enjoys making art and hiking. Nina loves to talk to people, and looks  forward to helping Anthro majors as much as she can.

The Undergraduate Program Coordinator/Adviser, the Undergraduate Director, and the Executive Committee administer the Anthropology undergraduate program.  If students have questions or concerns about university/program administration, policy, processes, or degree progress, come to the drop-in advising hours.  Also feel free to contact Molly Segale, Undergraduate Program Coordinator directly, or Dr. Megan Moodie, Director of Undergraduate Studies.