Greetings... Drop-In Advising Hours

Thanks for stopping by the Department Anthropology advising office.  We have information about the major or minor and can help take care of your paperwork, and more: Do field work overseas; get credit for local internships; give a workshop or become a peer adviser yourself - come talk to us about it!

    Molly Segale, Undergraduate Adviser

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    As the Anthropology Undergrad Adviser, my job is to help students complete our programs on time while also having the most enriching experiences. I can help you with declaration, education abroad, choosing courses, pursuing independent studies and making post-graduate plans.

    My passions include travel and education, preferably both at once. As both a student and a teacher abroad, I’ve fallen in love with the world multiple times. My favorite adventures include running through the ancient Greek stadium in Olympia and telling ghost stories in a candlelit lecture hall to university students in China. 

    Please contact or visit me if you have any questions about the Anthropology Department’s undergrad programs!

    You can see me Monday-Thursday from 9:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-4:00pm at 361 Social Sciences 1; I can also be reached at, (831)459-3320, or just schedule an appointment now through Slug Success...

  • Althea, Lead Peer Adviser

  • AltheaAlthea is a third year Anthropology major with an interest in forensics. Her interest in forensics aside from not being squeamish, stemmed from a desire to have a career in which she knew she would never get bored, while her interest in anthropology arose before she even realized it, stating that she found it to be how she always thought about life put into words. Anthropology’s importance for her, stems from its ability to quantify human interactions no matter what the climate at hand. Althea also has a background in archival work, having interned at the Museum of Art and History here in Santa Cruz where she organized documents pertaining to the deceased in Evergreen Cemetery. She hopes that by being a peer advisor she can aid other students in whatever they might need.

  • Arlene, Peer Adviser

  • Arlene

    Arlene is currently a fourth-year Anthropology major and peer advisor for the department. She began at UCSC as a STEM major but decided to switch to Anthropology after discovering that forensics falls under one of the branches of anthropology. She is interested in forensics as well as archeological anthropology. Courses such as ANTH 189 and ANTH 97 have given her hands-on experience in the field. She enjoys working in the bone room as well as furthering her studies by learning more about human anatomy. She loves how anthropology is such an open field with a variety of opportunities. Her goal as a peer adviser is to get involved with the department as well as pass on her knowledge to other individuals. Stop by her peer advising hours! She is more than welcome to answer any questions you might have!

  • Brittney, Peer Adviser

  • Brittney

    Brittney is an Undergraduate Anthropology Major with a particular interest in Cultural/Medical Anthropology. Her passion for anthropology began in her high school French class in which she not only learned of the French language, but of the culture and the history of that culture that came with it. Seeing the many ways in which cultural identities surpass political, social, and economic boundaries in order to grow inspired her to pursue a career that examines this kind of cross cultural connection and growth even further. Brittney studied abroad over the summer of 2018, in Perugia, Italy, and as a result of her final research project for her classes there, found a passion for Medical Anthropology. As a peer advisor, she would be more than happy to answer as many questions as she can about the process for being able to study abroad and any curiosities students may have of her own research.

  • Carla, Peer Adviser

  • Carla

    Carla Daniela Vargas is a transfer student from College of the Desert. She is excited to finish her last year as an undergrad of UCSC. She likes trying bizarre foods and has watched “The Office” five times. She planned on being a paramedic, but while attending high school she found an interest in Cultural Anthropology. Her interest in Anthropology derived from the interaction’s humans have with the environment and each other based on their unique customs. Carla is very dedicated to her education and is double majoring in Sociology! She will be taking a year off in order to volunteer, complete an internship, and participate in the Peace Corps. She hopes to find a job that focuses on field research. Being a peer advisor has given her the opportunity to help other students to not make the same mistakes she did. She loves making new friends and reminding people not to take themselves too seriously.

  • Emily, Peer Adviser

  • emily

    Emily Busche is a transfer student who is embarking on her last year as a banana slug. She enjoys hiking, experiencing new foods, and spending time with her cat, Boo. She loves how intersectional anthropology is with other subjects and how it gives her a different lens with which to view the world. Anthropology first sparked her interest when she took a world geography class in high school and wanted to gain a deeper understanding about the places and the people who lived in these places. Some of her most memorable experiences have been the opportunities she’s taken to travel. This summer she studied abroad in Germany and has since been learning German autodidactically. She plans to take a year off after the completion of her bachelors in order to volunteer and/or complete an internship, “But for sure grad school” is a goal she will pursue. As a peer advisor she wants to share her knowledge and form connections with peers and faculty. “Practice being kind to yourself” is one thing she wants her peers to know while getting through college.

  • Laura, Peer Advisor

  • laura

    Laura is a fourth year Anthropology major with a focus in Biological Anthropology and Cultural Anthropology. Having started off a STEM major, the classes she has taken helped Laura ease into the biological side of anthropology and explore an interest in forensics. Watching Bones contributed to this interest, allowing her to interpret and critique the show's concepts with the knowledge she has gained as an Anthropology student. The cultural courses Laura has taken have opened her eyes to ethnographic work and the genuine quality of the retelling of events in an ethical manner. Cultural Anthropology has thus helped her understand her culture through an anthropological perspective. As a peer advisor, Laura hopes to become more involved with the Anthropology department and help other students to navigate all that is offered. 

The Undergraduate Program Coordinator/Adviser, the Undergraduate Director, and the Executive Committee administer the Anthropology undergraduate program.  If students have questions or concerns about university/program administration, policy, processes, or degree progress, come to the drop-in advising hours.  Also feel free to contact Molly Segale, Undergraduate Program Coordinator directly, or Dr. Megan Moodie, Director of Undergraduate Studies.