Greetings... Advising Hours

Thanks for stopping by the Department Anthropology advising office.  We have information about the major or minor and can help take care of your paperwork, and more: Do field work overseas; get credit for local internships; give a workshop or become a peer advisor yourself - come talk to us about it!

    Molly Segale, Undergraduate Advisor

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    As the Anthropology Undergrad Advisor, my job is to help students complete our programs on time while also having the most enriching experiences. I can help you with declaration, education abroad, choosing courses, pursuing independent studies and making post-graduate plans.

    My passions include travel and education, preferably both at once. As both a student and a teacher abroad, I’ve fallen in love with the world multiple times. My favorite adventures include running through the ancient Greek stadium in Olympia and telling ghost stories in a candlelit lecture hall to university students in China. 

    Please contact me if you have any questions about the Anthropology Department’s undergrad programs! I can be reached at, or just schedule a Zoom appointment now through Slug Success...

  • Chris, Lead Peer Advisor

  • Chris

    Chris is a fourth-year anthropology major with a focus on Culture, with a specific interest in Techo-intimacy. Originally focusing on East Asian history, it took one passionate professor at community college to turn him towards Anthropology. While his early studying focused on Archaeology, Chris started focusing on Cultural Anthropology as he entered UCSC. Chris has enjoyed traveling all his life and while current conditions curtailed his study abroad plans, he hopes to have the opportunity in the future. Chris always tries to find the time to help his fellow students out and would be delighted to help who asks.

  • Ali, Peer Advisor

  • Ali

    Ali is a fourth year anthropology student with an interest in human evolution and forensics. Her interest in anthropology was born out of a high school anatomy class and a deep dive into researching majors. She plans on finding internships and other experiences before going to graduate school for forensics. In her free time, she loves binge watching crime shows and hopes to travel. Being a peer advisor, Ali is looking forward to helping other students with any questions or concerns they may have and discussing any other interests they may have. 

  • Jessica, Peer Advisor

  • Jessica

    Jessica is a senior within the Anthropology major with a particular interest in Physical/Biological Anthropology. Her passion for Anthropology became apparent during a cultural and physical Anthropology class. Through her curiosity of humans and their societies, environmental ecology to DNA to human development has been the leading driver to her academic journey. Anthropology provides many opportunities to view the world with a multitude of disciplines such as cultural Anthropology. With many perspectives to observe the world for understanding gives way to a holistic view of the world.

    Jessica has involvement  in many internship opportunities, such as Design Anthropology, that led to her participation in a research project: "Using Design Anthropology to Address Flooding in South Carolina with Environmental Justice Communities." As a peer advisor, she would be more than happy to answer as many questions as possible about the process of acclimation to the university, course enrollment, to even internship opportunities. 

  • Kaila, Peer Advisor

  • Kaila

    Kaila is a senior transfer with a focus on biological anthropology, specifically interested in studying how socioeconomic conditions and environmental racism can directly impact our biological makeup and livelihood. Originally entering university as a photography major, her enthusiasm for this field was ignited after taking a biological anthropology lab course at community college as a GE requirement. Upon recognizing the value and sheer urgency in the application of anthropology to real world issues, especially in regards to the intensifying conditions of racial capitalism within recent years and the effects of that on vulnerable communities, she swiftly changed her academic route in hopes to pursue graduate school and a career in public health and policy. Her favorite aspect of anthropology is the emphasis on collaboration with peers and the abundant opportunities to learn from each other. For this reason, she is excited to be joining the peer advising team and hearing from both continuing and incoming students about what drives their individual passions for anthropology. She’s looking forward to connecting with you during advising hours and guiding you in your academic journey.

The Undergraduate Program Coordinator/Adviser, the Undergraduate Director, and the Executive Committee administer the Anthropology undergraduate program.  If students have questions or concerns about university/program administration, policy, processes, or degree progress, make an appointment during advising hours.  Also feel free to contact Molly Segale, Undergraduate Program Coordinator directly, or Prof. Lars Fehren-Schmitz, Director of Undergraduate Studies.