Transfer Coursework

Studying at Stevenson College [Photo by Alison Manning]

Courses from California Community Colleges

Courses taken at community colleges or four-year universities may be used to satisfy the lower division requirements for the major. View the UC Articulation Agreements to determine which California community college courses are equivalent to our Anthropology 1, 2, and 3.

Courses from Other Four-Year Universities

The Anthropology Department may also accept introductory anthropology courses equivalent to ANTH 1, 2 and 3 from other four-year universities but students must petition to have these courses count toward the Anthropology Major or Minor requirements.

You may also apply up to ten units (two classes) of upper division credit towards the major. These credits must be taken at four-year universities, through EAP, or through an approved field study program. The undergraduate director must approve each course. For more information about the approval and waiver process, see the Coursework Petition.

Anthropology courses from other universities that are approved by the Anthropology Department will count towards the elective requirement. Students must complete the Anthropology Senior Comprehensive requirement at UCSC – course petitions will not be accepted for this requirement.

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