Undergraduate Awards and Scholarships

Departmental Awards

 Jeremy Demian Marx Award for Cultural Anthropology

The Anthropology Department invites undergraduate anthropology majors to submit outstanding anthropology papers for the Jeremy Demian Marx Award. The recipient of this award will receive up to $500!

This award is given in memory of Jeremy Demian Marx, an outstanding UCSC anthropology major who died in a car accident in 1992 during his senior year.  Jeremy Demian Marx was posthumously awarded honors in the major, Porter College honors, and Phi Beta Kappa. 

This is a merit-based award and preference will be given to seniors. Preference will also be given to papers addressing topics of rituals, festivals and ludic events, rites of passage, art and symbolism, and life transitions, as these topics reflect the interests of Jeremy Demian Marx. 

To be considered for the Jeremy Demian Marx Award, submit the following using our online application: Your paper,  a brief summary describing the focus and content of your paper, and your contact information.

Applicants are asked to read Jeremy Demian Marx's thesis which can be found here, and recipients of the award are required to write a letter of appreciation to the donors. 

DEADLINE TO APPLY: April 29, 2019

For more information on Jeremy and this award, please visit the award website.

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Questions? Contact the Anthropology Undergraduate Adviser, Molly Segale


 The Ryan Heumann Anthropology Undergraduate Scholarship
"Ryan's Travel Money"

The Anthropology Department will award up to $500.00 to assist with the costs of faculty-sponsored independent research, research-related travel, or travel to academic conferences. We are seeking concrete, well-conceived research projects endorsed by a faculty member. 

This award, known as "Ryan's Travel Money" comes from an endowment provided by Ryan Heumann's family. Ryan Heumann was a former student of anthropology; in keeping his memory alive, his family wishes to support Ryan's passion for knowledge and his love for cultural understanding. 

Applicants for this award must be full-time Undergraduate Anthropology Majors. To apply for this award, submit the following using our online application: a 2-page proposal, your projected budget, the name of your faculty mentor and your contact information. The proposal should detail the necessity of the award for carrying out your research project or the importance and nature of your participation in an academic conference. Special consideration will be given to concrete, well-conceived research projects endorsed by a faculty member. 

Applications must be submitted electronically by 4:00 p.m. on the deadline. All winners are asked to write a letter of appreciation to the donors. 

DEADLINE TO APPLY: April 29, 2019


Questions? Contact the Anthropology Undergraduate Adviser, Molly Segale


Divisional Awards

Gabriel Zimmerman Memorial Scholarship 2019

The Division of Social Sciences is offering the Gabriel Zimmerman Memorial Scholarship in Spring 2019.  Undergraduates must submit a short essay (2-3 pages maximum) about their passion for social issues and commitment to public service, as well as a copy of their resume.  Candidates must be in good academic standing and submit an unofficial copy of their transcripts.  

The Gabriel Zimmerman Memorial Scholarship Fund has been established to support undergraduate students in the Division of Social Sciences who are passionate about social issues and committed to public service. Gabriel, “Gabe” Zimmerman graduated from UC Santa Cruz (Sociology) and was working for Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords as her Director of Community Outreach when he was tragically shot and killed. Generous donations from more than 520 alumni, faculty, community members, and the general public funded this endowment. This endowment awards $2,500 annually to one outstanding undergraduate student who is a major in any of the departments within the Division of Social Sciences. More information about the award and past recipients is available on the Social Sciences website.

Departmental deadline: April 16, 2019

Keeley Coastal Scholars Award 2019

The Division of Social Sciences is offering The Keeley Coastal Scholars program. It will support underrepresented students from California with an unmet financial need doing summer research and policy work connected to Coastal Sustainability. Scholarships will range from $1,000 to $4,000 per student with an associated $1,000 in support of the sponsoring faculty member. These funds can be used by students for any expenses incurred during the summer months.

Undergraduate majors are invited to apply for this summer scholarship by submitting an online application and project budget. Candidates must be in good academic standing and submit an unofficial copy of their transcripts.

Candidates must have established financial need during the current academic year. The sponsoring faculty member should submit a letter detailing the student’s abilities and specific project responsibilities. April 28, 2017 was the initial deadline for applications; please try again next year.  To access the official call for nominations and more information about the award and deadlines, click here.

Deadline: April 26, 2019

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