Anthropology Courses and UCEAP Programs

Here are a few examples of potential programs and accompanying courses to give you an idea of what is possible. This is by no means an exhaustive list. Think of this as a jumping off point.

Remember that not every course is taught regularly, and so it best to check in with your advisor to confirm what might be available in the next year or two.

University of Botswana
Quarter: Fall
Language: English
Potential research themes: tourism, environment, ecology, development, colonialism

Upper Divs: 119 Indigenous Visual Culture
130A People and Cultures of Africa
110W Land and Waterscapes Entropology
110D Tourism Imaginaries and Encounters
148 Gender and Global Development
Senior Year: 196K Settler Colonialism
194U Environmental Anthropology: Nature, Culture, Politics

Human Rights and Cultural Memory, Buenos Aires & Santiago
Quarter: Fall
Languages: English, Spanish
Potential Research Themes: human rights, poverty, development, cultural heritage, memory and identity, political movements, material culture

Upper Divs: 144 Anthropology of Poverty and Welfare
140 Art, Artists, Artifacts
130L Ethnographies of Latin America
130J Politics and Statemaking in Latin America
110N Anthropology of Food
196D Food and Medicine
Senior Year: 196F The Anthropology of Things: Gift, Sign, Commodity, Tool
194W The Anthropology of Social Movements

Pacific Island Environmental & Community Health–Australia & Solomon Islands
Quarter: Spring
Language: English
Potential Research Themes: tourism, environment, conservation, foodways, ecology, medicine and health, community resources

Upper Divs: 110D Tourism Imaginaries and Encounters
110E Anthro of Global Environmental Change
111 Human Ecology
119 Indigenous Visual Culture
134 Medical Anthropology: An Introduction

148 Gender and Global Development

110N Anthropology of Food
130E Culture And Politics Of Island Southeast Asia
153 Medicine And Colonialism
160 Reproductive And Population Politics
Senior Year: 194U Environmental Anthropology: Nature, Culture, Politics
194T Poverty And Inequality

International Summer School, New Delhi
Quarter: Summer
Languages: English, Hindi
Potential Research Themes: gender, development, education, foodways, material culture, rural heritage and urbanization, decolonization, photography and representation, religion

Upper Divs: 110H Acoustic Culture
110N Anthropology Of Food
110P India And Indian Diaspora Through Film
124 Anthropology Of Religion
129 Other Globalizations: Cultures And Histories Of Interconnection
130I Cultures Of India
131 Women In Cross-Cultural Perspective
132 Photography And Anthropology
135A Cities
144 Anthropology Of Poverty And Welfare
Senior Year: 194D Tribes/Castes/Women
194Q Race, Ethnicity, Nation
194V Picturing Cultures
194X Women In Politics: A Third World Perspective