Anthropology Internships/Field Studies Useful Links & Databases

    Field Schools

  • Anthropology field school programs are opportunities for Anthropology students to gain valuable experience in the field. These programs are usually offered during the summer, and, while many are focused on Archaeology, there are field programs that focus on other aspects of Anthropology as well. Information about field school programs is posted in the Anthropology department and announcements are sent out through email throughout the year. Students should also talk to Anthropology faculty about field school opportunities.

    Students who complete a field school course through a four-year university can petition to have it count towards the Anthropology Major requirements as ONE Upper-Division Elective – field school courses cannot count toward requirements for the Anthropology Minor. Field schools can only be used to satisfy ONE Anthropology Elective requirement and they cannot be used to satisfy the Archaeology/Physical requirement. Field schools offered through community colleges cannot be accepted to count towards the requirements. Keep in mind that satisfying a major requirement with a field school course is counted towards the department’s limit that no more than two Upper - Division courses from another university can be applied toward the major requirements.

  • Cultural Anthropology


    National Association of the Practice of Anthropology (NAPA)
    A unit of the American Anthopological Association
    NAPA provides a Mentor program for student anthropologists seeking practical advice on their next career steps. The "Students pag (tab at the top of the site's homepage) has links to both internship and field study opportunities.

    Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA)
    SfAA "promotes the integration of anthropological perspectives and methods in solving human problems throughout the world" The SfAA website's "Student" section includes a Student Web Forum with information on internships and field study schools, resources available to attend conferences, grants and fellowships, and ongoing discussions of issues in applied anthropology.

    American Anthropological Association (AAA)
    The section of the AAA's website offers a number of links and databases relevant to applied anthropology. The link to offers numerous international ethnographic internships.


    UCSC's Career Center
    This website has numerous listings of internships in the Santa Cruz area. Link (at top) on Jobs & Internships > Internships > UCSC Internship Connection. Experiment with different interest categories and locations - Watsonville will yield a different set of offering from Santa Cruz. You must be a registered student to access the specific internship information.

    Volunteer Match
    This site lists numerous organizations in the greater Bay Area (search by zip ocde) that offer volunteer/internship orrportunities. Includes organizational profiels.

    CitySERVE serves as a matchmaker, placing interested community members with city staff who want to work with volunteers.

    The California Academy of Sciences
    The Cal Academy (San Francisco) has a program specific to Anthropology

    UC Berkeley - Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology
    The Hearst Museum offers undergraduate research apprenticeships, internships, and volunteer opportunities.


    Smithsonian Institution
    A comprehensive website, listing internship opportunities at 13 different museums, 8 research centers, and 9 outreach programs, all associated wit hthe Smithsonian Institution.

    Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
    The Washington, DC-based arm of the Smithsonian Institution offers year-round internships in cultural anthropology, folklore, ethnomusicology, museum studies and arts administration. Internships are oriented towards the annual Smithspmoam FolkLife Festival.

    U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
    HUD, a federal agency, offers a variety of programs tailored to professional development, some for college credit and tailored to your academic interests.

    The Student Conservation Association
    The SCA offers paid internships at national parks throughout the country, many involving cultural interpretation. Pay includes travel to and from site, room, and a modest weekly stipend. At the end of your commitment you are eligible for Americorps grants applicable to student loans.

    Center for World Indigenous Studies
    Internships in administration, outreach, research in Olympia, WA, requires modest application fee.


    Earthwatch Institute
    This non-profit organization offers students to pay to assist scientists on research projects, throughout the world. While primarily ecological in orientation, some projects involve cultural anthropological methods and theories. (Action Without Borders)
    This site offers a comprehensive listing (over 57,000 organizations) of volunteer/internships/job offerings, both in the United States and abroad. You can search for internships by region or by country, and recieve personalized updated listings by e-mail.

    This commercial website provides links to all kinds of international internships - the link asbove emphasizes organizations with research and/or appplied anthropology components.

    Heritage Expeditions
    Provides educational tours and programs about historic and prehistoric sites on national forests that chronicle America's past and are disappearing through the ravages of time. Heritage Expeditions provides opportunities for the public to learn about and help conserve non-renewable heritage resources; fees from those experiences are used to protect and manage heritage sites for the public. USDA Forest Service: (208) 373-4162

    The organizations listed below offer internships and volunteer opportunities in countries around the world. Be certain to research a specific program carefully before signing on - analyzing their website and claims, e-mail responses to your questions, asking for testimony from prior participants.

  • Archeology


    The Society for American Archaeology (SAA) 
    The SAA represents archaeologists working in the public and private sectors as well as those teaching in the academy. While it does not internships specificallly, the site does contain valuable information for working archaeologists.

    Archaeological Institute of America
    American Fieldwork Opportunities Bulletin online, searchable by areas and type of fieldwork.

    Center for American Archeology, Kampsville Archeological Center
    CAA offers a summer field school for high school students and adults 18 years and older and a family dig, as well as hands-on activities in basketry, ceramics, flintknapping, and village reconstruction for grades 2-12. The field school takes place at a nearby Middle Woodlant Hopewell village site. Center for Aermican Archeology, PO Box 366, Kampsville IL 62053 (618) 653-4316

    Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center (MVAC)
    Conducts research in the upper Mississippi River valley, offers archaeological field work and other educational opportunities for teachers and students. MVAC 1725 State St., La Crosse, WI 54601; (608) 785-8463


    Jennifer Palmer's
    This site includes a listserve on archaeology issues, as well as sources of job, field study, and volunteer possibilities.

    Archeology on the Net Fieldwork Opportunities
    A listing of major sites and ongoing projects

    Yahoo Directory: Archaeology > Fieldwork and Expeditions

    K. Kris Hirst's Guide to Current Digs
    This site has specific digs plus links to databases for further searches.

    Passport in Time -- USDA Forest Service
    Volunteers work in national forest, assisting historians and archaeologists. No fee to participate.

    The Student Conservation Association
    The SCA offers paid internships at national parks throughout the country, many involving archeological work. Pay includes travel to adn from site, room, and a modest weekly stipend. At the end of your commitment you are eligible for Americorps grants applicable to student loans.

    Crow Canyon Archaeological Center (Colorado)
    Non-profit institution specializing in Southwestern archaeological research and education. Programs for adults, teens, educators, families, and school group.s offer participants to learn about archaeological field methods, laboratory techniques, and excavation. Crow Canyon offers domestic and international travel opportunities. 
    Crow Canyon Archaeological Center
    23390 County Road K, Cortez CO 81321 (800) 422-8975

    Center for American Archeology (Kampsville, IL)

    Earthwatch Institute
    This non-profit organization offers students to pay to assist scientists on research projects, throughout the world. While primarily ecological in orientation, some projects involve cultural anthropological methods and theories.

    Offers opportunities in Spain, Sweden, Canada, England and Armenia with archaeologists in the field, museums, and heritage projects.

    Lists world-wide archaeological field work opportunities and schools, providing web pages to sites adn projects, organized by geographic region and discipline. (i.e. underwater archaeology).

  • Physical Anthropology


    American Association of Physical Anthropologists

    American Board of Forensic Anthropology American Academy of Forensic Sciences

    American Academy of Forensic Sciences


    Primate - Jobs Website
    This website lists internships, volunteer opportunities, field assistant positions, etc. for students of various backgrounds interested in primate behavior/biology.

    The Smithsonian Research Training Program
    This program is a nicely paid opportunity to work at the Smithsonian for a summer. Students interested in Human origins can work with Rick Potts. Competition is very keen. Some students have gone to Kenya under this program.

    Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
    There are a variety of internships and fellowships listed here for ecological research in Panama. Some student have used these opportunities to study primates.

    American Museum of Natural History
    The AMNH has an Anthropology Internship program in many fields of Anthropology, including Human Biology. Students can with with Ian Tattersall.

    The California Academy of Sciences
    This program is broadly construed under the heading systematics (and also biological illustsration). Students could work with Nina Jablonski studying many aspects of primate/human evolution. 

    NetVet Veterinary Resources - Zoo Animal Sites
    Provides links to zoos and animal parks around the world.
    What you can do with a masters in anthropology.