Students Speak: What Are Your Post-Graduation Life Plans?


We asked our graduating seniors about their future plans. Their answers may surprise you!

“Teaching while applying to medical school.”


“To work in art research and education while planning for grad work in Critical Performance Studies.”


“Be happy”


“I will do a master's degree in project management at the University of Southern California and look for growth opportunities in digital storytelling.”


“Ethnomusicology PhD and continued research on specific spiritual traditions of India”


“I'm going to grad school at UCL in London (Masters), hope to move on to a doctorate, and to write (non-fiction and fiction) and teach on a university level.” 


“I have an internship with the SF Planning Department over the summer, doing historical research and preparing a historical context document. Eventually I'm planning to go to graduate school for public history.”


“Not sure yet, going to enjoy a slow paced life for a bit”


Congratulations, Class of 2023! Please stay in touch!