Comings and Goings in Anthro Labs

Student Staff Ensure Safe, Smooth Transitions

By Richard Baldwin, Lab Manager

     This year the Department of Anthropology labs celebrated the founding of the Primate Ecology and Molecular Anthropology Lab under the direction of Assistant Professor Victoria Oelze and retirement of the Forensic Osteological Investigations Lab headed by Professor Emeritus Alison Galloway.

     Student Lab Assistants have been instrumental in ensuring smooth transitions and effective teaching and research continues in the department labs and beyond. Julia Wood and Michelle Schabinger rolled-up their sleeves and did amazing work in support of the human anatomy class as well as reaching into the deepest corners of our walk-in freezer. Lab assistants trained dozens of undergraduates in lab safety fundamentals, biosafety and proper anatomical techniques. Margaret Hames took on the curation of the Monterey Bay Archaeology Archives, along with Dr. Chelsea Blackmore. They launched an innovative curriculum in archaeological curation that brings students hands-on activities that directly improve the curation of Monterey Bay archaeological materials entrusted to our repository. Morgan Carter deftly curated the dozens of specimens processed by our labs for inclusion in our Comparative Osteology Collection. Morgan also helped with countless loans and database updates throughout the years - ensuring that our collections maintain relevance as both teaching and research materials. Congratulations to our graduating staff!