Meet the Students

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    Kaya Zepeda

    "It's a field where you not only learn and engage with varying cultures, but you are also encouraged to self-reflect on your own life as well."
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    Jonathan Sanchez

    “I fell for anthropology on the basis that it covered something I loved the most: the past. I enjoy studying fossils and feel [anthropology] ties in well with my other field [history]. I feel [anthropology] has influenced me to take a deeper look into humanity, rather than simply separate myself from reality."

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    Jamaal Plummer

    "My biggest goal is to start taking populations that have been deemed as invisible or culturally backwards and bring them to the forefront to show who they are as people. ... It’s just been too long of a process that has been erasing people’s histories and erasing them off of existence based on theories or perspectives."
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    Shanttelle Pierdant

    "There are so many aspects in anthropology and so many different things to study, it is important to take various classes to find what kind of anthropology is the best fit."
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    Sarah Mukai

    “I kind of just decided I was going to major in anthropology on a whim. I understood that anthropology is a way to explore and experience different cultures, and that is something that really interested me. I want to be a teacher, and I believe it is important that students learn about people and culture. Majoring in anthropology has helped me understand the world, understand people, and learn how people perceive the world.”

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    Will Gernaey

    “The best courses to take as an anthropology student are not the ones you think you’re going to be interested in, but the ones that will challenge you, because I think if you really want to be interested in anthropology your goal is to come into contact with different ways in which people live that are unfamiliar to yours.”
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    Chayce Davis

    "To me, anthropology is a way of understanding other people on several different levels. It's easier for me to understand why people believe certain things. It’s easier to listen voices and opinions, regardless of what I think of their opinion, because anthropology has given me a greater understanding of people coming from different places."
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    Victoria Collins

    "While I always try to feel compassion and understanding towards others, this course taught me that it is necessary some times to be strong and stand up for what you believe in and to take action when things have gone wrong. In all, I would say this course helped me to become a stronger and more empathetic person in my every day life.”
  • Alex Huynh

    "I've been watching people more closely and, as a study method, trying to determine which bone is where in their body and what the measurements would be if I could hold it in my hand."
  • Janessa Simental

    “I fell in love with anthropology because it allowed me to practice science, but without a constant objective view on everything. My love for history and cultural practices also made me want to pursue this for my undergraduate work. Being an anthropology major has changed my perspective on how the different sciences intermingle with one another and work together, rather than compete amongst one another.”

  • Summer Elston

    "Although I knew many unjust things occurred throughout the world, this class really gave me knowledge about all aspects of struggle from different marginalized communities. The course has affected the way I do things in everyday life by helping me become more aware of the struggles that marginalized individuals face, and further helped me understand what I could do to help and get involved."