"Why I Love Anthropology"

Current Anthropology students were randomly asked why they love the discipline.  Here's what they said...

    It Helps Us Connect

  • Will Gernaey

    Will Gernaey, Anthro Society

    "I would recommend other students be aware how anthropology affects almost every aspect of our everyday lives. Anthropology is, essentially, the study of everything that we as a species come into contact with: environment, food, politics, art, language, innovation and technology, and so much more. Taking this into account, people should evaluate how their behaviors and practices can be drawn directly to greater anthropological questions."

  • It Relates To All Fields

  • Emily Helmer

    Emily Helmer, Peer Writing Assistant

    "Anthropology provides you with the tools to look at the world critically, which I think is especially important in today's sociopolitical climate. Not only that, but it finds a way to engage people with a wide range of skills and interests. STEM-oriented? Try biological anthropology. More interested in the social sciences? Try cultural anthropology. Want some of both? Try archaeology! It's an incredibly diverse and dynamic discipline that anyone can find a place in."

  • The Classes

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    Erin Powless, Former Peer Adviser

    "I have had many great anthropology professors. Each anthropology class challenges you to look from different perspectives and different histories in order to make Anthropology more diverse. It also changes how you view the world it makes you understand how events have turned out. Faculty, staff and TAs are always able to make themselves available to students. [I feel like] most professors that I have talked to are excited to share their knowledge with students who are interested in anthropology."