Summer Elston, Junior

December 14, 2018

What has been your favorite course and why?
“My favorite course thus far would have to be ANTH 145X or Anthropology of Activism taught by Professor Lisa Rofel. Although I knew many unjust things occurred throughout the world, this class really gave me knowledge about all aspects of struggle from different marginalized communities. The course has affected the way I do things in everyday life by helping me become more aware of the struggles that marginalized individuals face, and further helped me understand what I could do to help and get involved. It has also allowed me to share knowledge with others that were unaware of the impacts of some of their actions. I'm currently leaning towards social justice work/activism organizations.” 

What does Anthropology (biological, cultural, or archaeological) mean to you?
“Anthropology to me is a study that captures all aspects of human life through cultural experiences, biological studies, and archeological findings. The major is a chance to make a difference, whether it be socially or physically, and a chance to explore the unknown in order to better understand. Some advice to new Anthropology majors would be to get to know your professors, explore what you want your focus to be, and be prepared to write a lot.”

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