Getting to Campus

Visit the Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) web site for information on transportation alternatives for getting to/from and around campus at:


The campus strictly enforces parking, so students should adhere to campus parking policies.

Graduate students are eligible to purchase several types of permits on a quarterly annual, or temporary basis:
  • "R" Remote parking permits for the Remote lots on campus, as available, throughout the year
  • "B" permit to park in the central campus "A/B" lots
  • B Limited - 1, 2, 3, or 4 Day basis or temporary basis throughout the year
  • Motorcycle parking permits
  • "N" Night permits
  • "B Carpool" permits for close-in parking can be purchased by two or more commuting students who will routinely ride together
Eligible students residing in Graduate Student Apartments and Crown Merrill Apartments may purchase permits for their respective apartment lots. Graduate Student Apartment (GSA) and Crown Merrill Apartment permits accompany "B" permits. Parking in the apartment lot is limited; when the apartment lot is full, students are expected to park in the parking lots that the corresponding permit allows.

UCSC "Campus Transit" Routes & Service

UCSC "Campus Transit" Operations provides daytime on-campus transit service on two routes, the Loop and the Day Core. "Campus Transit" buses operated by UCSC Transportation & Parking Services (TAPS) and serve the entire campus, including classrooms, the main entrance of campus, and the East Remote and West Remote parking lots. All routes are wheelchair accessible. "Campus Transit" is supported by your Student Transit Fee. Showing a valid UCSC Student I.D. Card provides students unlimited rides on these buses.

The Loop operates Monday through Friday from 7:25am - 9:45pm. Loop buses run both directions through campus, at 20-minute intervals. 

UCSC "Campus Transit" Operations provides nighttime on-campus from 8:00pm to 12:00am. 

To download a UCSC "Campus Transit" schedule and map, click here

Metro Bus Service to UC Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Metro provides extensive bus service throughout Santa Cruz County. University route Metro buses serve the campus every five to eight minutes on academic days, and three to four times an hour on weekends and during summer and quarter breaks. All Metro routes are wheelchair accessible.

Metro buses run both directions through campus. Even numbered routes enter campus through the east gate (main entrance) and travel in a counter-clockwise direction on campus. Odd numbered routes enter through the west gate and travel in a clockwise direction. Route signs on campus shelters identify where to wait for each route. Routes that serve the campus include routes 10, 12, 13, 15, 16, 19, and 20. Here is a link to schedules for these routes:

Metro service for students is funded through your Student Transit Fee. Showing a valid UCSC Student I.D. Card provides students unlimited rides on Metro buses.


UCSC has a variety of bike trails and services, including the bike shuttle (see below), a bike lending program, and bike maintenance services.  All bikes must be licensed.  For more information about bike services and licensing procedures, please visit:

TAPS Bike Trailer & Shuttle

TAPS operates a bicycle trailer and shuttle from Olive Street, next to the Mission Street Longs Drug Store, on weekday mornings. Cyclists can load their bicycles on the trailer and catch a ride on the shuttle van up to campus. On-campus bikes can be unloaded at the Physical Plant Metro Stop on the lower campus and at the Engineering 2 Circle on the upper campus. Between the trailer and the van front carrier rack, 14 bikes can be carried on each trip.

Here is a link to more information about the TAPS Bike Trailer & Shuttle: