Richard Randolph Award

The Richard Randolph Award is an essay competition based on field or lab research. It has been named after Emeritus Professor Richard Randolph in recognition of his invaluable role as a founding member of the UCSC Anthropology Department and his leadership in starting the UCSC Anthropology Graduate Program. Open to UCSC archaeology, cultural, and physical anthropology graduate students.

This essay should be of publishable quality and follow the American Anthropologist guidelines. The award will be based on the overall quality, rigor, and originality of the work and on demonstration of effective field or lab practice. Essays will be peer-reviewed by the Richard Randolph Award Committee.


  • Gillian Bogart
    Plastic Futures: Indonesia's Industrial Patchwork Saltscapes

    Alison Hanson
    Scripting Sexual Violence: The Language of Trauma, Consent, and Support on Campus

  • 2022

  • Monica Mikhail
    (Re)making time in the body through logics of care in the Bolivian Coptic Orthodox Church

    Lachlan Summers
    Portraits in Absentia: Earthly Absurdities and Meaningless National Stories in Mexico City

  • 2021

  • Darcey Evans
    Pathogenic Politics: Salmon Bodies and Toxic Geographies of Settler-Colonialism

    Suraiya Anita Jetha
    Plass til Alle: Equality, Race, and Reproduction in the Norwegian Social Democracy

  • 2020

  • Joseph Klein
    Earth Displacements:  Draining the Swamp in Southeast Sulawesi

    Daniel Schniedewind
    Freedom Rangers

  • 2019

  • Krisha Hernandez 
    Land and Ethnographic Practices—(Re)Making Toward Healing

    Jon Nyquist
    Weakening ties and widening gaps: Fiery landscape attachments and how they can be lost

  • 2018

  • Stephie McCallum
    The Memory of Metals

    Katy Overstreet
    How to Taste Like a Cow: Cultivating Shared Sense in Wisconsin Dairy Worlds

  • 2017

  • Kali Rubaii 
    Living Sectarianism in and from Anbar Province, Iraq

    Lizzy Hare 
    If This, Then What?  Modeling Ecological Futures in the U.S. Midwest

  • 2016

  • Celina Callahan-Kapoor
    Living Without Diabetes in “Diabetesville, USA”: Knowing an Illness Through Proxies

  • 2015

  • Sarah Kelman
    Bumipreneurship in the Techno-Future: Contradictions and Paradoxes of Malaysia’s Startup Ecosystem

  • 2014

  • Nellie Chu
    Global Supply Chains of Desires and Risks: The Crafting of Migrant Entrepreneurship in Guangzhou, China

  • 2013

  • J. Brent Crosson
    On Turning in the Grave: Obeah, Law, and the Lash of the Dead in the Southern Caribbean

    Micha Rahder
    A Known Place

  • 2012

  • William Girard
    Enacting a Pentecostal Discourse of Development:
    Prosperity, Place, and the Holy Spirit in Zion Ministries

    Rosa Ficek
    Rutas Internas (Internal Routes)

  • 2011

  • Heather Swanson
    Patterns of Naturecultures: The Redistribution of Pacific Salmon
  • Colin Hoag
    On the Importance of Time to the Anthropology of Bureaucracy: Between Prospection and Retrospection at the South African Department of Home Affairs

  • 2010

  • Bettina Stoetzer
    Tracking the Unheimlich at the Forest Edges of Berlin

  • 2009

  • Jason Rodriguez
    "Cleaning Up" Bodhgaya for Tourism Development

  • 2008

  • Jun Sunseri
    In Defense of Homescape and Hearth: Multi-scalar Identity Practices of an Indo-Hispanic Buffer Settlement in Spanish Colonial Northen New Mexico

Many of our graduates have received Wenner-Gren & Fullbright IIE Fellowships

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