Writing Assistant Program

235 Social Sciences 1 Drop-In Hours

One of the most important skills students take with them is the ability to write well, providing accurate and polished documentation, wherever their careers lead.  The Writing Assistant Program, the only departmental writing support program of its kind at UCSC, was created to train strong writers to serve as peer supports for other students.

Please check out the Writing Center at 235 Social Sciences 1 during the drop-in hours and meet some of our staff...

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    Chelsea Blackmore, Faculty Sponsor

    As faculty supervisor for the Anthropology Department's Writing Assistant Program, I oversee its organization and work with students as part of our rigorous selection and training process. Through this, Writing Assistants learn how to effectively engage with their peers and assist them in developing their critical thinking and writing skills.

    I am also an assistant professor in the department. As a Mesoamerican archaeologist, I examine the role of social identity in the construction and conceptualization of ancient states. My areas of focus include prehistoric and historic Mesoamerica, feminist and queer archaeologies, and the archaeology of everyday life.

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    Caroline Kao, Instructor

    I am a PhD candidate in Anthropology. My research focuses on how technology startup culture impacts contemporary capitalist notions of work, labor, and value in the United States. I am especially interested in how affective and cognitive forms of labor become gendered and racialized in new ways. In Fall 2016, I was the instructor for ANTH 113,  "Tutoring Writing in Anthropology", which is the training course for our peer writing assistants.