Writing Assistant Program

One of the most important skills students take with them is the ability to write well, providing accurate and polished documentation, wherever their careers lead.  The Writing Assistant Program, the only departmental writing support program of its kind at UCSC, was created to train strong writers to serve as peer supports for other students.

Please make an appointment with Writing Assistants by contacting them directly by email.

Writing Assistant Hours


    Megan Moodie, Faculty Coordinator

  • No alternative textIn 2011, I was lead faculty on founding what is now the Writing Assistant Program; I am so excited to be back in this role for the tenth anniversary and to witness how the WA effort has grown and changed. As a cultural anthropologist who believes strongly in writing for broad audiences – writing in ways that are both sophisticated and captivating, that both teach and spin a good yarn – no educational cause could be closer to my heart. Every year, our WA cohort is a remarkable gathering of extraordinary students, who not only write well themselves but can also share that skill with others. Our WAs are accessible and open. They’re here to build people up, and we can all learn by sharing our writing with others. As a professional writer, I collaborate with my friends and colleagues all the time – writing is an inherently social process! I encourage everyone to utilize this unique service, the only one of its kind on campus, and take part in our department’s deep commitment to excellence in writing.

  • Maxwell, Lead Writing Assistant (matward@ucsc.edu)

  • No alternative textMax Ward is a senior double majoring in Anthropology and the History of Art and Visual Culture, and minoring in Earth Sciences. Max has been engaged in archaeology ever since the age of six, a childhood passion that has grown into great opportunities such as interning at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, and working as a crew chief at the Ecuadorian archaeological site Cochasquí. His research interests include public archaeology, the archaeology of the Andes, Inka imperialism, and archaeological ethics. That said, he loves talking about anything related to his majors, and loves helping his peers edit papers even more.

  • Sam, Writing Assistant (szbass@ucsc.edu)

  • No alternative textI was originally drawn to cultural anthropology because I loved big-picture questions about the human condition. It was an extension of my love of history, travel, and geography growing up, before I knew what anthropology was. When I found out, I appreciated it immediately it as a method that bridges the gap between 'on the ground' lived human experience and the broader questions of social science. Since returning to school most recently, my focus has turned toward applied anthropology. I believe in anthropology as more than an academic discipline—as broader lens and a worldview—and believe in bringing that beyond academia, into the community, to make the world a better place.

  • Victoria, Writing Assistant (vbuchcik@ucsc.edu)

  • No alternative textHi everyone, my name is Victoria Buchcik! I am a first generation transfer student from Pleasant Hill, CA. Although my love for anthropology began with a cultural anthropology class, I am discovering that I am passionate about archaeology and biological anthropology as well. I am using my time at UCSC to explore all things anthropology and see where my time here takes me.

  • Kayla, Writing Assistant (kzott@ucsc.edu)

  • No alternative textMy name is Kayla and I'm a fourth year Anthropology and Environmental Studies double major. I've dreamt to be an Anthropologist since I was a child and chose the major because I've always been interested in human evolution, cultures, and our relationships with one another and the world around us. I love the subfields of Cultural and Biological Anthropology, with a particular interest in primatology.

  • Jose, Writing Assistant (joarreyn@ucsc.edu)

  • No alternative textHello! My names is Jose and I am from Tijuana/San Diego. I mention these two cities because I was born and raised in Tijuana, but moved right across the border to San Diego in elementary school. I was originally an engineering student who had never thought of any other academic fields besides engineering during my time in high school. After arriving to UCSC I decided to explore other fields and found anthropology when I decided to take Anth-1. I found myself really enjoying the topics being taught in class, along with finding the readings super captivating. I especially love Zooarchaeology, along with any sub-fields that falls within Physical Anthropology.

  • Rebecca, Writing Assistant (repstewa@ucsc.edu)

  • Rebecca StewartI'm a senior anthropology student who loves to learn about people! I'm always happy to talk about humans and our funny little rituals. My favorite subfield of anthropology is socio-cultural, especially medical anthropology and AAPI cultures. I'm a first gen university student and a recent transfer from community college so I deeply empathize with students that are intimidated by university writing. I welcome anyone taking an anthropology class–I love this subject and I want to help others as much as I can.