Writing Assistant Program


  • Do you need help on your essay assignments?
  • Would you like to develop your writing abilities?
  • Interested in expanding your network within the Anthropology department?


  • Can help improve your grades
  • Gain general knowledge that is not usually taught in the classroom
  • Let your teachers know you got our help to stand out!


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One of the most important skills students can learn is to write well and to communicate their ideas with clarity. The Writing Assistant Program was created to train strong writers, seeks to aid in student success, and to build students’ confidence in their writing. This program provides peer support for students in any anthropology course.


    Nidhi Mahajan, Faculty Coordinator

  • I am an Assistant Professor in Cultural Anthropology and my research focuses on Indian Ocean networks, feminist political economy and sovereignty. I am also an artist and especially interested in experimental ethnographies, visual media and playing with different genres of writing. As faculty coordinator, I hope to make the Writing Assistant Program accessible to all students in Anthropology courses. If you have any questions about the program, email me at nmahajan@ucsc.edu.

  • Ryann Hall, Anthropology Writing Assistant

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    I am a fourth year anthropology major and history minor focusing on sociocultural and socioeconomic theory. Intersectionality is key to my approach; I center feminist, womanist, indigenous, queer, and leftist thought in my studies. Since transferring to UCSC and working with historical materials, I have cultivated my skill in reading and writing “against the grain”. Drop by if you are interested in the following: making sense of or talking about theory, developing your own writing voice, writing a clear paper with complex ideas, and/or drawing connections between multiple readings.

    Schedule an appointment here: https://ucsc.campus.eab.com/pal/XvpgAY37yi

  • Celeste Saarinen, Anthropology Writing Tutor

  • Celeste Saarinen

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    I’m a senior-transfer anthropology student here at UCSC. I love all areas of anthropology, but I particularly enjoy the intersections between anthropology and critical race and ethnic studies. I’ve been tutoring since my junior college days and am so excited to get to tutor something I love. I have a lot of writing experience in the area of anthropology and also an extensive knowledge of the UC system itself. I know what professors are looking for and how to get the best academic outcomes within this system while facing barriers such as disability. Come by and say hi! I’d love to help develop your writing, work on assignments with you, and find an accessible way for you to write.

    To make an appointment or drop in, follow this link: https://ucsc.campus.eab.com/pal/0IzwONywOG

  • Zoe Shmidt (she/her), Anthropology Writing Assistant

  • Zoe Shmidt

    Make an Appointment with Zoe on Slug Success

    I am a fourth year transfer student majoring in anthropology and minoring in biology. I’ve grown to deeply appreciate how anthropology encompasses many different sub-disciplines which work together to provide us with a holistic understanding of all the ways both past and modern humans have created community biologically, culturally and materialistically. I am primarily interested in biological anthropology and paleogenomics. I am also a proponent of the importance of the intersection between human biology and culture, also known as biocultural anthropology, and how these two variables adapt to one another while simultaneously shaping each other. I would love the opportunity to help my peers grow as anthropological writers, so please don’t hesitate to reach out! :)

    To make an appointment, use this link: https://ucsc.campus.eab.com/pal/Q6QO4S4d8P

  • Daniel Westbrook, Anthropology Writing Assistant

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    I am a 4th-year (re-entry and transfer) Anthropology student, graduating in June of this year, and continuing on to graduate school in Sociocultural Anthropology. I’m specifically interested in politics and religion, the influences that they have on each other in society, and how those influences affect people differently according to race, ethnicity, gender, and class. As a philosophy minor, I also like to consider interdisciplinary perspectives in my writings and I look forward to helping any of my fellow students with wherever your anthropological papers take you and whatever you might need help with.

    For appointments, my Personal Availability Link: https://ucsc.campus.eab.com/pal/EWetGxs2Oi

  • Kahena Wilhite, Anthropology Writing Tutor

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    Make an Appointment with Kahena on Slug Success

    I am a third year Anthropology student here at UCSC with a focus on Environmental Anthropology. I love reading and writing, but also enjoy being outside and good music. I believe that studying Indigenous practices could advance the fields of Global Health and Sustainability. Have been writing a lot of essays since I started UCSC, and have been working on individual Anthropology research and projects throughout the campus. Come to me with any questions you might have as a student. I would be happy to help you with your assignments, or with general academic development.

    Schedule an appointment here: https://ucsc.campus.eab.com/pal/XYBfbFLp26