UCSC Department of Anthropology Welcomes New Ladder-Rank Faculty

The UCSC Department of Anthropology lost Professor Matthew Wolf-Meyer who started in a position at SUNY Binghamton in Winter 2016 and Professor Olga Nájera-Ramírez and Professor Triloki Pandey who retired at the end of Fall 2015. 

Professor Tsim Schneider joined the department in Summer 2015. Professor Schneider’s research interests include California archaeology, culture contact and colonialism, Spanish missions, resistance and refuge, borderlands, landscapes and place, social memory, lithics, and indigenous archaeology. 

Professor Vicky Oelze will be joining the department in Winter 2017. Professor Oelze uses stable isotope analyses to study both archaeological human remains and modern primate populations. She is completing a postdoctoral fellowship at Max Plank Institute. 

Professor Jerry Zee will arrive at UCSC in Fall 2017. Professor Zee’s research combines attention to science studies and the environment in his consideration of “atmospheric” sciences in China, from meteorology to ecology to pollution abatement. He is currently completing a UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship at UC Davis.