Five(ish) Words

Chelsea BlackmoreSabbatical, Fellowship, Writing, More Writing

Don BrenneisMusic, meetings, play, sociality, resonance

Melissa CaldwellGastronomica, Fab Lab, Food Hacking, Soon-to-be Beach Bum!

Nancy ChenBlum Center, Grad Director, grantwriting, Padova, family

Diane Gifford-GonzalezSAA Presidency. Writing. Norway. Granddaughter.

Judith Habicht-MauchePlaying with lasers is fun.

Andrew MathewsClimate Change, Plant Disease Epidemics, Italy

Cameron MonroeColonialism, Haiti, African Urbanism, ARC

Megan MoodieA year of joyful genre-bending, finished film, marathon book writing 

Lisa RofelEmerging Worlds, anthropology of activism, 21st-century silk road project

Danilyn RutherfordChairing, Teaching, Ready for Sabbatical!

Anna TsingThe Mushroom at the End of the World