Five(ish) Words

Chelsea Blackmore: Fall Sabbatical, Queer Archaeology, Newberry

Don Brenneis: Listening, voice, meetings, New Zealand, universities 

Melissa Caldwell: Sabbatical hiding, clotted cream, snorkeling

Nancy Chen: Blum Center. Grad Director. CRJE. EHESS.

Jon Daehnke: Starts. Stops. Starts. Tunnel. Light.

Shelly Errington: photography, drawings, reading, writing, travel

Mayanthi Fernando: The Republic Unsettled. Mayanthi settled.

Diane Gifford-Gonzalez: grandmother, SAA-President, work, love, garden

Judith Habicht-Mauche: laser broken; laser fixed; YEAH!

Andrew Mathews: climate change, Italy, chestnuts, soil erosion, plant disease

Cameron Monroe: Archaeological Research Center, Haiti, Dahomey Final Report

Megan Moodie: Tenure. Book. Nap. Dance. Write.

Olga Nájera-Ramírez: Family, success, compassion, unity, rest

Triloki Pandey: too busy with traveling, looking forward to return

Renya Ramirez: finished film, marathon book writing

Lisa Rofel: Center for Emerging Worlds, collective intellectual labor

Danilyn Rutherford: Writing, teaching, meeting, meeting, meeting

Anna Tsing: Aarhus Anthropocene videoconferencing Santa Cruz.

Matthew Wolf-Meyer: Trading the Ocean for Rivers