Five(ish) Words: Faculty Reflect on the Past Year

by The Anthropology Faculty

Mark Andersongrad director, Boas, Harlem Renaissance, jazz, soul

Chelsea Blackmore: Mid-career, Mission fauna, Belize pirates 

Don Brenneis: new knee, collaborative improvisation, meetings

Melissa Caldwell: New book, food hacking, book contract, impending sabbatical

Nancy Chen: eldercare, bioinsecurity volume, being present

Jon Daehnke: Chapters, beginnings, green chilies, new colleagues, cat-shuttling

Shelly Errington: breathing/moving, cartoons, photos, documentary, manuscript

Lars Fehren-Schmitz: Bureaucracy, Climate Change, Migration, Gratefulness, Ipayhalfamonthsalarytothepersoninventingamorethantwentyfourhourday

Mayanthi Fernando: book in press, Oakland, TENURE

Alison Galloway: Strategic plan, negotiations, new faculty, exhaustion

Diane Gifford-Gonzalez: Bookwork3, SAA President, move, garden

Judith Habicht-Mauche: Learning how to do NAA (Neutron Activation Analysis)

Susan Harding: Always start in the middle.

Andrew Mathews: Sabbatical, climate change, Italy, chestnuts, pine nuts

Cameron Monroe: Sabbatical, Bristol UK, slave trade, final monograph, Haiti

Megan Moodie: Bipedalism restored. Manuscript finished. Smile

Olga Najera-Ramirez: Two Ph.Ds., Mom, Mejicas, MSW

Triloki Pandey: Too tired to say anything.

Renya Ramirez: Finished film documentary, advised grads

Lisa Rofel: Talk, Teach, Talk, Teach, Talk!

Danilyn Rutherford: self-study edited, teaching enjoyed, plans made, letters written, back to the Stone Age book

Anna Tsing: Anthropocene conference: a new humanities-sciences bridge?

Matthew Wolf-Meyer: trains, Tonka, puzzles, Transformers & Legos