Creating Community

by Briana New, Class of 2014 & Anthro Society President

It was freshman year, fall quarter, and I was that bright-eyed, bushy-tailed student looking for every possible way to immerse myself in my intended major. I kept hearing about this group that hosted events called “Anthro Society”. My interest was piqued, but I was nervous to attend an event because I didn’t know anyone else in the major.  The first event I finally mustered up the courage to attend was the Halloween party. This Halloween party was my first introduction into Anthro Society and it was filled to the brim with upper classmen. At the time, upper classmen were very intimidating! However, I was excited because these upper classmen seemed to have a shared passion for anthropology that created strong friendships. So, when the call for next year’s officers went out I knew that this community of students would be the perfect supplement to my undergraduate career.

I became the Anthro Society publicity coordinator my sophomore year and worked to expose more anthropology undergraduates to the awesome community of students and events available to them. Over the course of three years, I made my way to Anthro Society president where I worked with anthropology students to create even more student-initiated opportunities.

We have hosted mock archaeological digs, trivia nights, informational sessions on graduate school and professional development, T-shirt fundraisers, park potlucks, and much more. Each event does more than just promote academic and professional development; it builds a community of anthropologists on which students can rely and a community that encourages student growth. Our events foster an arena for great friendships and closer relationships with graduate students and faculty.

This community has defined my undergraduate experience, given me the tools to succeed in the professional world, and the confidence to constantly pursue greater things. I am infinitely grateful to the friends I have made and the experiences we have shared. But more than that, I am excited for the future that lies before us.