Affiliated Groups and Programs

Anthropology Societyanthro-society.jpg

  • Anthropology Society is a student-run organization focused on the extracurricular enhancement of the anthropology student experience. The undergraduate group organizes a variety of events throughout the year including guest lectures and informational sessions for academic engagement and social gatherings like field trips and movie nights. These events act as a venue for interdisciplinary undergraduate exchange and interaction.  Also find UCSC Anthro Society on Facebook.


arc-volunteers.jpgArchaeological Research Center

  • The Archaeology Research Center (ARC) at UC Santa Cruz serves as a center for interdisciplinary archaeological research on the UC Santa Cruz Campus, and a crucial link between UCSC and the broader local community. The center's core themes recognize the intricate relationships between the practice of science, its utility for exploring the diversity of the human experience, and engaging with and respecting the communities and publics whom we serve. Faculty strengths in archaeological research overlap substantially across the divisions, and we identify four core themes that define ARC activities and objectives.  The Archaeology Research Center is directed by Associate Professor J. Cameron Monroe of the Department of Anthropology.


china-workshop-banner.jpgThe Center For Emerging Worlds

  • The Center for Emerging Worlds is a scholarly think tank. It strives to get behind the headlines on worldwide transformations, both contemporary and historical. It encourages collaborative inquiry into historical and contemporary worlds that have been created through cultural, social, environmental, and political encounters. The Center emphasizes how these emergent worlds both create new forms of inequality while also offering new possibilities for resolving them and provides a space for both scholarly and public educational work. The Center for Emerging Worlds is co-directed by Prof. Lisa Rofel and Associate Professor Mayanthi Fernando of the Department of Anthropology.