The Anthropology Society

Anthropology society is a student-run organization focused on the extracurricular enhancement of the anthropology student experience. The group organizes a variety of events throughout the year including guest lectures and informational sessions for academic engagement and social gatherings like field trips and movie nights. These events act as a venue for interdisciplinary undergraduate exchange and interaction.

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Event types

Tea Times

Tea Times are hour-long events with informal 15-30 minute presentations on topics of anthropological research, experiences, or interests made by alumni, undergrads, grads or faculty. The remaining time is reserved for discussion and questions. These events are intended to provide a comfortable setting for undergraduate students to engage with other members of the department, find out about topics of interest, and engage with anthropology outside of a classroom setting. 

Annual Undergraduate Research Conference

The undergraduate research conference is an opportunity for senior undergraduates to present their thesis or seminar research to their peers, faculty, and grads. The presentation at the event is open to all students who submit an abstract and are accepted. However, preference is given to graduating seniors. The conference usually occurs during spring quarter of every year.


Because Anthro Society is a student run organization there is at least one fundraiser a year. In the past, these fundraisers have included book sales and T-shirt sales. Beyond going to support the events hosted by Anthro Society, funds raised are also used to support the anthropology department as a whole. In the past these funds have been used to purchase and donate a wireless router to the department for use in the Ethnographic Library. 

Social Events

Social events hosted by Anthro Society include holiday parties, trivia nights, mock archaeological digs, bone hikes, movie nights, and much more. These events are intended to provide a social arena for students to make new friends, create new memories, and relieve some of the stress of university life.

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