Non-Departmental Awards

There are hundreds of awards and opportunities apart from the divisional and departmental awards that are also open to and of interest to anthropology students. Some of these include:

  • The Deans' and Chancellor's Award, designed to encourage and stimulate outstanding scholarship and creativity among undergraduate students based on work they've already developed during the academic year. The Department of Anthropology is often very well represented among Deans' and Chancellor's Award recipients and students are encouraged to apply.
  • Undergraduate Honors also offers the Steck Award, Regents Scholarship, and the Pister Leadership Opportunity Award.
  • The Pascal Scholarship, open to UCSC students participating in any of the campus' numerous field study programs. The scholarship is established with the intent to encourage and support real-world experiences that complement formal academic requirements. This award is offered on an annual or semiannual basis through the Community Studies Program and information is available there.
  • The Cynthia Mathews Scholarship, open to any undergraduate pursuing studies and/or intern experience in fields related reproductive rights and health, healthcare professions, public health or health policy.  This award is offered on an annual basis through the Community Studies Program and information is available there.

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