Stay Connected

Sammy the Slug high-fives a mentor, Chancellor Blumenthal

Staying Connected

There are many ways to both stay connected and to give back to the UCSC Anthropology Department.  Your financial donation, networking help, or mentorship to could be a pivot point in the life of a UCSC student.

Career Advice Network

If you're in a position to extend a hand to the next generation of anthropology students and recent grads, consider joining the UCSC Career Advice Network, organized through the alumni association.

This is a database of hundreds of alumni who have generously volunteered to connect with students and recent graduates.  Setting up a profile is easy (it takes less than five minutes if you have LinkedIn) and makes you available, within your chosen time constraints, to students who could greatly benefit from your shared perspective.  A few minutes of your time could make all the difference.

Social Media

UCSC Alumni Community

Get involved with the UCSC Alumni network to stay in touch with friends and colleagues.  The UCSC Alumni hosts programs and events, publishes an alumni directory, and provides a variety of other services, from insurance options to hotel discount codes.  Be sure to add your own contact info...