'Road To Zuni', By Lecturer Annapurna Pandey, Wins At Gallup Film Fest

June 03, 2019

Annapurna Pandey stands with her plaque for Best Documentary Short, awarded at the 2018 Gallup Film Festival for her film, Road to Zuni.

Road To Zuni, a film by Department of Anthropology Lecturer Annapurna Devi Pandey, won recognition as Best Documentary Short at the 2018 Gallup Film Festival. Pandey is director and producer of the film.

Road to Zuni documents the land loss of Zuni Indians and how they won a lawsuit against the federal government through the expert testimony given by Professor Emeritus Dr. Triloki Nath Pandey, also with the Department of Anthropology.

When the Zuni Tribe fought in court to reclaim their ancestral lands unjustly taken by the U.S., that Pandey's expert testimony wins them a $25,000,000 settlement. This becomes the basis for a subsequent additional award of $25,000,000 for a trust conservancy, and an easement to the land the Zuni consider their heaven.

In addition lecturing in anthropology, Annapurna Pandey is affiliated with the South Asia Studies Initiative.



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