Prof. Don Brenneis Receives Award for Distinguished Service

July 07, 2017

Prof. Don Brenneis

Department of Anthropology Professor Don Brenneis has been chosen by the American Anthropological Association to receive the Franz Boas Award for Exemplary Service to Anthropology. According to the American Anthropological Association, "This award is presented annually by the Association to its members whose careers demonstrate extraordinary achievements that have well served the anthropological profession."

Brenneis has been with the UCSC department since 1996, and has been teaching anthropology for 44 years. He worked in a South Asian diasporic community in Fiji over a 20-year period, examining the relationships among language, music, conflict, law, and politics, and has an extensive list of fellowships, chairships, and editorial positions detailed in his faculty profile.

Brenneis is also currently serving as interim dean of the Division of Social Sciences until August 15.