Ph.D. Student, Alums in Archaeology Subfield Meet with String of Successes

April 01, 2019

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The UC Santa Cruz Anthropology Ph.D. program has seen a string of successes among current and past students who have focused of archaeology.

Rosa Ficek (Ph.D., 2014) has published an article in Current Anthropology entitled "Cattle, Capital, Colonization. Tracking Creatures of the Anthropocene In and Out of Human Projects".  This article, which considers the long-lasting ecological and social impacts of cattle introduced to the New World by Spanish colonists, appears in the April 2019 issue of the journal.

Anneke Janzen (Ph.D., 2015) has accepted a tenure-track position at the University Tennessee, Knoxville. She will begin her appointment in earnest after she completes her postdoctoral studies in progress at the Max Planck Institute for Science in Human History in Jena, Germany, this summer.

Recent Ph.D. recipient Chester Liwosz (2018) has accepted a position as Project Archaeologist for the Mesa Prieta Petroglyph Project in Velarde, New Mexico. The MPPP is a non-profit organization dedicated to fund raising, preservation, research, and public education efforts focused on the cultural landscape and archaeological resources within The Wells Preserve, set up by The Archaeological Conservancy in 2007.

Danielle Huerta, who is a current student in the program, has been offered an 11-week paid summer internship as an archaeologist with the Bureau of Land Management in Santa Fe, NM. The internship is sponsored by the Hispanic Access Foundation's MANO project, which connects young Latinx professionals and leaders with organizations and federal agencies to provide professional development and training in their desired career fields. This internship is nationally competitive and she is honored to have been chosen.