John Brown Childs

TitleProfessor, Emeritus
DivisionSocial Sciences Division
DepartmentSociology Department
AffiliationsAnthropology Department
Phone831-459-3516 (message)
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John Brown Childs

Research Interests

Sociology of knowledge; religion and social action; elitist and populist social movements; ethnicity; race; nationalism; global community.

Biography, Education and Training

M.A., Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo
B.A., University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Selected Publications

  • Childs, J.B. 2018. Book Review: Cape Town Harmonies: Memory, Humor and Resilience, (Armelle Gaulier, Denis-Constant Martin), African Minds Newsletter, Cape Town, South Africa.

  • Childs, J.B. 2006. Hurricane Katrina: Response and Responsibilities, New Pacific Press.

  • Childs, J.B. 2002. Transcommunality: From the Politics of Conversion to the Ethics of Respect. Philadelphia: Temple University Press.

  • Childs, J. B. 1999. "On the Idea of Indigenous," (with Guillermo Delgado-P), Current Anthropology, Vol.40, No.2 (Discussion and Criticism Section) pp. 211-212.

  • Childs, J. B. 1998. Accomodationism, Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History (Eds. Jack Salzman, David L. Smith, and Cornel West), New York, pp. 15-17.

  • Childs, J. B. 1998. "Transcommunality: From the Politics of Conversion to the Ethics of Respect in the Context of cultural Diversity: Learning from Native American Philosophies with a Focus on the Haudenosaunee", Social Justice Vol.25, No.41, pp. 143-169.