Carolyn Martin Shaw

TitleProfessor Emerita
DivisionSocial Sciences Division
DepartmentAnthropology Department
AffiliationsHumanities Division
OfficeSocial Sciences 1
Campus Mail StopSocial Sciences 1 Faculty Services

Research Interests

Teaching Specialties: African ethnography and African women, social theory, and sexuality.

Area of Research: Political economy, women and gender, colonial discourse.

Area of Fieldwork: Kenya and Zimbabwe.

Biography, Education and Training

B.S., Ph.D., Michigan State University

Selected Publications

  • Colonial Inscriptions: Race, Sex and Class in Kenya. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1995.

  • "Louis Leakey as Ethnographer: On the Southern Kikuyu Before 1903." Canadian Journal of African Studies, 23(3):25-42, 1989.

  • "Land and Food, Women and Power: A Re-Analysis of the Contribution of Domestic Activities to the Political Economy of the Nineteenth Century Kikuyu," Africa, 80(4):357-69, 1980.