Combined Major in Anthropology/Earth Sciences

Honduras beach [Photo by Mark Anderson]


The Anthropology Department also collaborates with the Earth & Planetary Sciences Department to offer a Combined Major, which leads to a B.A. in Anthropology/Earth Sciences.

The Anthropology/Earth Sciences Combined Major is designed for students with strong interests in earth sciences and in the laboratory-based subfields of anthropology. This includes anthropology students who are interested in archaeology or paleoanthropology and desire more intensive training in the natural sciences, and Earth Sciences students who are interested in paleobiology or archaeology. The combined major allows students to receive a strong grounding in both disciplines without pursuing a double major or major/minor in the two departments. This program will permit Anthropology/Earth Sciences majors to enter graduate programs in Earth Sciences, Archaeology or Paleoanthropology with extraordinarily well-developed geological knowledge and skills. Anthropology-based students in the combined major are encouraged to augment the science-rich required curriculum with upper-division courses in Cultural Anthropology. 

ELEVEN Lower-Division Courses

  • Anth 1 – Introduction to Human Evolution
  • Anth 2 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • Anth 3 – Introduction to Archaeology
  • Eart 5/5L OR Eart 10/10L OR Eart 20/20L
  • Math 11A OR 19A
  • Math 11B OR 19B
  • FIVE Lower-Division Cognate Science courses from the following: Chemistry 1A, Chemistry 1B/M, Chemistry 1C/N, Physics 6A/L, Physics 6B/M, Biology 20A, Biology 20B, Biology 20C 

EIGHT Upper-Division Courses

  • Earth Sciences 110A/L – Evolution of the Earth
  • Any THREE Earth Sciences Upper-Division Electives (must be 5-unit courses)
  • Any FOUR Anthropology Upper-Division Electives from the Physical Anthropology or Archaeology concentrations (must be 5-unit courses)

ONE Senior Comprehensive Requirement (choose ONE of the following)

  • Anthropology 194 or 196 – Any Senior Seminar in Physical Anthropology or Archaeology (by petition) 
  • Earth Sciences 188A + 188B - Summer Field Internship 
  • Senor Thesis (by petition only)
  • Any approved Earth Science field program (by petition only)


Students must coordinate with both the Earth & Planetary Sciences Department AND the Anthropology Department to complete the combined major.