Grading Policy

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading

All graduate students in graduate or undergraduate courses will be graded Satisfactory (S), Unsatisfactory (U) or Incomplete (I) (Academic Senate 13.1.1). A grade of U requires immediate resolution or the student will be brought up for review before the entire Department. 

Incomplete Grades

The Anthropology Department does not allow Incompletes in its first year graduate Core Courses and strongly discourages the issuing of Incompletes in its other graduate courses. We also recommend that graduate students in Anthropology not request Incomplete grades for courses taken outside the Department.

We understand that an Incomplete may be appropriate in some instances, particularly in cases of serious medical and personal emergencies. In such cases, the Department strongly urges all graduate students to submit the required coursework to the instructor before the end of the 6th week of instruction in the Quarter following the issuing of an Incomplete grade. In any case, per University policy, if the coursework is not completed within one calendar year, the Incomplete grade will automatically revert to a Fail (F).

Failure to complete coursework in a timely manner can severely hamper a student's progress toward the degree and will reflect unfavorably on his/her performance during scheduled periodic reviews. For example:

  1. The current status of Incomplete grades is a factor in reviewing a student's first year dossier. A favorable review and recommendation for continuance in the program by the first year review Committee is conditional upon the timely completion of all outstanding coursework.
  2. No student is allowed to Advance to Candidacy with outstanding Incomplete grades on his/her transcript.
  3. Any student who allows an Incomplete grade to revert to an F is subject to immediate review by the Department. Receiving an F in an Anthropology course is considered potential grounds for dismissal from the program. 

Letter Grade Option

The department discourages requesting letter grades.

In Progress

The notation IP (In Progress) is restricted to certain sequential courses that extend over two or three quarters of an academic year. The grade option you select in the first quarter of the multiple term sequence applies to all quarters of the sequence. You receive the same notation for each course upon completion of the two-or-three quarter sequence, and the final grade is applied to all quarters.

Repeating Courses

Graduate students may repeat a course in which they earn a grade of U. Degree credit for a repeated course will be granted only once and the most recently earned grade will be used to determine whether a degree requirement has been met.