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Establishing California Residency

Students are strongly encouraged to establish California residency as soon as possible to avoid incurring higher fees from non-resident tuition. California residents’ tuition is $6,088.36 per quarter, as opposed to $11,122.36 for non-residents.

Adult students (over age 18) may establish residence for tuition purposes if they are a U.S. citizen, a permanent resident, or other non-citizen who is not precluded from establishing a domicile in the United States; and they meet the following criteria:

  • Registering to vote and voting in California elections

  • Designating California as your permanent address on all school and employment records, including military records if you are in the military service

  • Obtaining a California driver's license or, if you do not drive, a California identification card

  • Obtaining California vehicle registration

  • Paying California income taxes as a resident, including taxes on income earned outside California from the date you establish residence

  • Establishing a California residence in which you keep your personal belongings; and licensing for professional practice in California

The absence of these indicia in other states during any period for which you claim California residence can also serve as an indication of your intent. Documentary evidence is required and all relevant indications will be considered in determining your classification. Your intent will be questioned if you return to your prior state of residence when the university is not in session.

Students who do not qualify as California residents must pay a Nonresident Tuition Fee in addition to all other fees.

For new students, the deadlines to submit the Statement of Legal Residence (SLR) form for 2017-18 are:

Fall 2017 - August 1, 2017

Winter 2018 – December 1, 2018

Fall 2018 - August 1, 2018

For continuing students, the deadlines to submit the Petition for Change of Legal Residence Status for 2017-18 are:

Fall Quarter – September 28, 2017

Winter Quarter – January 8, 2018

Spring Quarter – April 2, 2018

The residence determination date is the day instruction begins at the last of the University of California campuses to open for the quarter.

At the end of the first year (or before fall quarter of the second year), students should make an appointment with the Registration Program Advisor in the Office of the Registrar for residency reclassification.

Residency Reclassification Forms and other resources are available at the following link:


The Division of Graduate Studies bases block allocation funds on quarterly enrollments. 

The Anthropology Department requires all students who have Advanced to Candidacy to register for at least 5 units. Students who have Advanced to Candidacy are not required to be physically in residence.

Part-Time Enrollment

A part-time graduate student is one who has approval to enroll in less than the typical load of 10 units, from 2 units to 8 units.

Part-time students pay the full Registration Fee and one-half of the Education fee paid by full-time students.

To apply for part-time enrollment, a student must fill out a Request for Part-Time Status form.   The student’s faculty advisor, the Department Program Coordinator, and the Dean of Graduate Studies must sign this form. 

Students must submit the completed form by the following dates for academic year 2017-18:

Fall - October 6

Winter - January 12

Spring - April 6

In-Absentia Enrollment

Students whose research or study requires that they remain outside the State of California for an entire quarter may qualify for a reduction of the University Registration Fee and exemption from all local campus fees.

In-absentia students pay 15% of the Registration Fee (Student Services fee) and the Education Fee (tuition) combined (unless approved for Part-Time Enrollment).  Health insurance is not included in the fee reduction, but students on in absentia are still eligible to enroll in student health insurance.

To apply for In-Absentia status, students must complete the Application for In-Absentia Status form.

Completion of this form requires the student to outline his/her plan of study for the quarter(s) in which he/she will be out of the State of California. By signing the form the student certifies that he/she will engage in scholarly activities outside the State of California for the entire quarter and will not use campus facilities. While on in absentia, students are not eligible for teaching assistantships, but may be hired as research assistants or readers. The completed form is reviewed and signed by the student’s faculty advisor and the Graduate Program Coordinator, and is then forwarded to the Graduate Dean for approval.

International Student Tuition Reduction

International students are eligible to receive a 100% reduction in non-resident tuition for up to 9 quarters (including quarters in which the student is not enrolled) starting the quarter in which they become Advanced to Candidacy.

Students should contact the Division of Graduate Studies to receive the tuition reduction.

If a student has a valid reason for not completing their Ph.D. within 9 quarters (such as illness), the department may petition the Dean of Graduate Studies for an extension of reduced tuition on the student’s behalf.

Leave of Absence (LOA)

A student wishing to apply for a LOA (to take effect at the beginning of the next academic quarter) must complete the Leave of Absence form.  The signatures of the student’s faculty advisor and the Department Chair are required.

Students must submit the completed form by the following dates for academic year 2016-17:

Fall - August 31

Winter - December 15

Spring - March 23

Leaves of Absence are granted for sound educational purposes, health reasons, financial problems, and family responsibilities. Students who have not Advanced to Candidacy are not permitted Leaves of Absence except under exceptional circumstances, which must be explained in detail and receive the approval of the Graduate Director and Chair.

There is no fee paid while on LOA; however, student loans may come due if not enrolled. Check with lender(s). All financial aid, including TAships, GSRs, and fellowships, terminates when the student is on a Leave of Absence.

The maximum term for an approved Leave of Absence is three academic quarters. Students on leave are required to report their plans to the Graduate Division at least once a year. 

Students who are leave longer than 1 quarter (i.e. 2 quarters or more) must complete the Statement of Legal Residence upon their return.  This form will appear in the MyUCSC To-Do list, and must be completed before the first day of the quarter of enrollment.  While on leave, it is strongly recommended that students maintain their ties to California to avoid non-resident tuition upon return.  Failure to do so, and failure to re-establish California residency prior to re-enrollment, will result in non-resident tuition.  Students are responsible for covering any non-resident tuition.

A request to renew a Leave of Absence must be submitted in advance to the Graduate Dean; substantial justifications and Department approval will be required to obtain renewal. While on a Leave of Absence, a student is not permitted the use of University facilities.  Students may opt into the university’s health insurance program for two quarters while on a Leave of Absence. Students are responsible for covering the cost of health insurance. Students are expected to promptly enroll at the end of the Leave of Absence. When the student does not return from approved Leave of Absence, they are automatically withdrawn from the university.

Administrative Withdrawal

Students who wish to leave the university for an indefinite period of time may elect to withdraw from the university in consultation with their faculty advisor.

Students who wish to withdraw from the university should apply for Leave of Absence. When the student does not return from approved Leave of Absence, they are automatically withdrawn from the university.

Students withdrawing from the university will forfeit student privileges and resources.


Students who wish to return to the program after having withdrawn from the university must submit an Application for Readmission (upon approval of the anthropology faculty). 

A Statement of Legal Residence form must also be submitted to the Office of the Registrar; default residency status is out-of-state.

Filing Fee Status

A candidate in good standing need not be a registered student in the quarter in which he/she files the dissertation if they qualify for filing fee status.

Prior to the beginning of that quarter, the candidate must meet all of the other requirements for the degree and be in good standing.  Instead of paying the University Registration Fee, the student may pay the Filing Fee, currently $188.

A student using the Filing Fee should submit the application for Filing Fee, signed by all members of the Reading Committee by the second week of the quarter.

The filing fee deadlines for academic year 2017-18 are:

Fall Quarter - October 13

Winter Quarter - January 19

Spring Quarter - April 13

Summer - July 6

The Application for Filing Fee Status is available at: 

The Graduate Program Coordinator will submit the student’s Application for Degree and Application for Filing Fee by the end of the second week of the quarter. The filing fee of $188 will be billed to your student account. 

A candidate on Filing Fee is not eligible to use University facilities (library, laboratory facilities or faculty time except for reading of the dissertation), nor is the student eligible for financial support (GSR, TA, Fellowships, Block Allocation grants or need based financial aid).

Filing Fee status can be used only once. If a student fails to complete the requirements for the degree, the student must enroll for the quarter during which he or she is expected to finish their degree. If the student finishes the degree during the summer, enrollment is not required.