Financial Support

Visit the Student Business Services web site for complete information on UCSC billing policies at:

Admissions Offer

The department is committed to paying tuition and fees as outlined in the student's offer letter (email) received from the Office of Graduate Admissions.

Billing Dates

Bill for tuition and fees will be available for viewing on the MyUCSC portal.  To view the billing and payment schedule, visit this website:

Please note that there is a difference between undergraduate payment dates and graduate payment dates.

Financial Aid

Any payments to be made on the student's behalf (loans, fellowships, grants, etc.) will appear on the bill as Anticipated Financial Aid.  Your account will not be credited until the after the beginning of the quarter and you have enrolled in at least 5 units.  If the Anticipated Financial Aid is equal to or greater than the balance on the bill, no further payment is necessary. Any remaining balance will be credited to your account.

If you have a TAship/GSR, and your TA/GSR fee reduction does not appear on your bill, please contact the Graduate Program Coordinator.