Annual Reviews

First Year/Preliminary Review

First year faculty advisors are assigned by the Graduate Director in consultations with the department faculty. (Note: Students may change their advisors at a later date.)

Before the end of the first year, in consultation with their first-year adviser, students are expected to establish a Preliminary Committee made up of the first-year advisor and one other Anthropology faculty member.

Graphical representation of preliminary process


Each year first-year student will be asked to submit to his or her Committee member and/or advisor:

  1. A short (2-3 page) "statement of progress and plans"
  2. A portfolio containing all written work done during the current academic year

The portfolio and statement are due to the student's advisor and other Committee member at least two weeks before the Spring Review Meeting. The statement of progress and plans should include a discussion of intellectual progress made during the previous year, and it should note courses taken, grants applied for, Qualifying Exam (QE) requirements met, etc. The statement should include detailed plans for the following summer and academic year (with respect to courses, grant/fellowship applications and deadlines, fieldwork, study off-campus, expected date of QE, etc.) Plans and speculations about later study, research and writing should also be noted.

The purpose of this process is to support and assist our students to be ready to QE in the third year of study, in accordance with University requirements for satisfactory academic progress as described above.

Students are responsible for submitting their portfolios and yearly statements to advisors in a timely fashion at the end of the year. Based on the report by the Preliminary Committee, the faculty as a whole will recommend:

  1. Continuation in the program and award the MA upon completion of requirements
  2. Continuation in the program and award the MA upon completion of requirements with conditions and actions for remediation
  3. Terminal M.A. degree.

Upon completion of the first-year review, students will coordinate with their committee to submit a summary evaluation and first-year review form to the Graduate Program Coordinator. 

Second Year Review

Second year students should complete the Second-Year Review Form in early Spring quarter of the second year.  In consultation with their advisor, students are expected to construct a QE committee (subject to change), detail their timeline to the Qualifying Exam, and make progress on the language requirement.  Students may attach a detailed letter to the form explaining their progress to date, including courses taken, work completed to advance the dissertation project (including pre-dissertation fieldwork), and schedule for taking the Qualifying Exams in their 3rd year.

Third Year Review

Students are expected to QE by the end of their third year.  For more information about the QE process, please visit

Third year students who are not going to take their Qualifying Exams by the end of this year are required to write a detailed letter to their advisor explaining their progress to date, why they do not plan to take their QE exams by the end of the third year, and establishing a firm timeline to advance to candidacy.

Students who have passed their QEs do not have to submit a report but should discuss their plans with their advisors.