Danilyn Rutherford

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Danilyn Rutherford

Research Interests

My work has touched on a far flung set of topics. My first book focuses on the value of foreignness among the people of Biak, an island group in West Papua, the Indonesian territory that covers the western half of New Guinea. I used my fieldwork on Biak to reveal the limits of contemporary accounts of national belonging. My second book focuses on the relationship between sovereignty and audience in West Papua during the Dutch colonial and contemporary periods. My topics in this book range from pacification campaigns to mission language ideology to documentaries and YouTube videos produced by West Papuan activists. I am now finishing a book on affect, technology, and colonial state-building in the highlands of Dutch New Guinea and beginning a project on secular belief that will involve fieldwork in the United States on speech therapy and disability. I have published articles on kinship, music, dance, money, violence, writing, literature, and the ethics and epistemology of anthropology.

Biography, Education and Training

1997 Cornell University. Doctorate in Anthropology. Minor in Southeast Asian Studies.

1991 Cornell University. Master of Arts in Anthropology. Minor in Southeast Asian Studies.

1991 New York University. Visiting student in Anthropology and Performance Studies.

1983 Stanford University. Bachelor of Arts and Science in History and Biology.

Honors, Awards and Grants

National Endowment for the Humanities Faculty Fellowship

MacArthur Foundation Writing Fellowship in Global Security and Sustainability

Principal Investigator, West Papua Study Group for the Dynamics of Internal Conflicts in Asia, East-West Center Washington

Member, Institution for Advanced Study

President, Society for Cultural Anthropology

Selected Recordings

Music of Biak, Irian Jaya: Wor, Church Songs, Yospan. Notes for vol. 10 of Music of Indonesia, ed. Philip Yampolsky. Washington: Smithsonian Institute/Folkways Records, 1996 compact disc.

Teaching Interests

Kinship, belief, technology, materiality, semiotics, social theory, sovereignty, nationalism, colonialism, performance, methods and ethics in anthropology, disability, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, United States.

Courses Taught

ANTH 200A: Graduate Core Course
ANTH 163/263: Kinship
ANTH 225: Anthropology of Things
ANTH 150: Communicating Anthropology