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Jon Daehnke
  • Title
    • Assistant Professor
  • Division Social Sciences Division
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    • Anthropology Department
  • Affiliations Chicano Latino Research Center
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  • Office Location 303 Social Sciences 1
  • Office Hours Monday, Wednesday 5:20-6:55
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Research Interests

I'm an anthropologist with research and teaching interests in cultural heritage stewardship and law, and the archaeology of the North American Pacific Coast. Much of my writing focuses on the politics of cultural heritage and public representations of the past, especially within the context of Native American identity and the legacies of colonialism. I'm currently working on a collaborative book project with the Chinook Indian Nation that explores the challenges and successes of their efforts to reaffirm control of their own heritage.

My archaeological fieldwork is centered on the floodplain of the Columbia River. As a partner in the Wapato Valley Archaeology Project (WVAP) my research is driven by questions surrounding the long-term use of landscape, especially within the context of human response to rapid or "catastrophic" change. Additionally, I'm conducting long-term landscape surveys in the Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge in south-central Oregon, with an emphasis on the documentation of rock-art sites.

Biography, Education and Training

Ph.D., Anthropology, UC Berkeley