Shelly Errington: Going Over to the Light Side

When faculty stop their teaching to assume duties as full-time administrators, they sometimes joke that they’re "going over to the Dark Side."  I am calling my move from full-time teaching and university service “going over to the Light Side.” I’ll devote my time to my “light” humorous drawings and cartoons, to photography – which is literally light writing on a prepared surface (or sensor!), and will continue my writing and research, which I do with a light touch of humor—regardless of the deep subject matter!
--Shelly Errington

Please join us as we honor Professor Emerita Shelly Errington for her many contributions to UC Santa Cruz as she transitions from full-time academia to a full-time member of the Santa Cruz arts community.

Friday, September 25
5pm - 7pm

Third & Fourth Floor Foyer, Social Sciences 1
University of California Santa Cruz

What Would Really Taste Good  
The celebration begins at 5pm with an exhibition of Professor Errington's cartoons that have been featured in Gastronomica: The Journal of Critical Food Studies​, as well as other humorous drawings and photographs. There will be a silent auction featuring selected pieces from the exhibition, with proceeds used to benefit the Department of Anthropology.  Beverages and light refreshments will be served.  

Please RSVP here.

Parking permits are required.  Permits may be purchased at the kiosk just inside the main entrance to campus until 1pm or at the TAPS Sales Office between 1pm-5pm.  

PopUp Exhibition
The exhibition continues on Saturday, September 26 (11am-3pm) at PopUp, 1108 Pacific Avenue (adjacent to Assembly), in downtown Santa Cruz. 


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Co-sponsored by

Gastronomica: The Journal of Critical Food Studies

UCSC Anthro Society

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