Ethnographic Engagements

Events take place from 12:00–1:30 pm in Social Sciences 1, 261, unless noted otherwise.

Light refreshments will be provided and you are welcome to bring a lunch.

Fall 2019

The following events will take place from 3:30–5 pm in Social Sciences 1, Ethnographic Library, Room 328

October 21
Graduate Student Conference Practice
Darcey Evans and Hafsa Mohamed

November 18
Luz Cordoba (Jess Madison-Pískata as discussant)

November 25
Producing Lombe Junction: The Relationality of Infrasturcture(s) and Patterns of Reconstruction in Rural Post-War Angola
Aharon de Grassi, San Jose State University's Department of Geography (Discussant Alirio Karina) 

Spring 2019

May 2
Species Cleansing: Cultural Pattern of Rat Control Practices
Gabriela Jarzebowska, PhD candidate at University of Warsaw & Fulbright Fellow at Wesleyan University

May 31
Evading Guanxi and Evading Vulnerability in Bureaucratic Practice
Tim McLellan, Postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Chinese Studies at UC Berkeley

Winter 2019

Feb 8
After Forestry: What's a Heterogenous Forest?
Jon Nyquist, PhD Candidate at the University of California, Santa Cruz 

Raquel Pacheco, President’s Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Santa Cruz

Fall 2018

October 18
EE presentation practice for grads (highly encouraged for all students)

November 1
Robert Connell, UC Presidential Postdoc from UC Davis

November 19
Can Dalyan, Denison University

Spring 2018

May 10
Maria A. Guzman-Gallegos, Department of Anthropology, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Oslo
Person Multiple, Undesired Sameness and Negated Exposures in Amazonian Sites of Extraction
Discussant: Nancy Chen

Winter 2018

March 9
Lesley Green, Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Cape Town and Founding Director: Environmental Humanities South
Chapter from forthcoming book, Life: Environmental Sciences and Decoloniality in South Africa
Discussant: Kristina Lyons

Fall 2017

December 7
By Chava Contreras, PhD Candidate, Anthropology Department
Killer Kats and Maruchan Devils: Chemicals and Food as Environmental Epigenetic Triggers
Discussant: Renya Ramirez

Spring 2017

April 6
Anna Weichselbraun, Nuclear Security Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University
The Order of Nuclear Things: Bureaucratic Objectivity at the IAEA
Discussant: Andrew Mathews

Winter 2017

March 9
Jeffrey Omari, PhD Candidate, Anthropology Department, UCSC
Digital Access amongst the Marginalized: Democracy through Internet Governance in Rio de Janiero
Discussant: Mark Massoud

Spring 2016

April 28
Emily Cohen IbañezAdjunct Professor, Assistant Director of Research and Academic Programs, Science and Justice Research Center, UCSC
Military Utopias of Mind and Machine
Discussant: Danilyn Rutherford

Winter 2016

March 10
Sarah Kelman, PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology, UCSC
Hubs, Incubators, and Creative Collectives: Convergence and Community in Malaysian Entrepreneurship
Discussant: Sarah Bakker

Fall 2015

November 12
Aja Smith, PhD Candidate, Department of Marketing and Management, University of Southern Denmark
A Whole Lot of Words Get in the Way: On Becoming a Facilitator of Horse-Assisted Leadership Training
Discussant: Danilyn Rutherford, Professor and Chair, UCSC Department of Anthropology

Spring 2015

May 1 - Ethnographic Library (room 328), Social Sciences 1.  
Natalia Gutkowski, PhD candidate, Tel Aviv University
Time, Stateness, and the Other in Development Plans for Sahel El-Batuf/ Bikat Beit Netofa. 
Discussant: Jennifer Derr, Assistant Professor, UCSC History Department

May 28
Natalie Baloy, PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar, Center for Collaborative Research for an Equitable California (CCREC), UC Santa Cruz
Coffee Table Books, Souvenirs, and a Bit of Guilt
Discussant: Jon Daehnke, Assistant Professor, UCSC Anthropology Department

Winter 2015

February 27
Cecily Engelhart
Siouxtable Food: A documentary film
Discussant: Renya Ramirez

Fall 2014

October 30
Aaron Montoya
Dance and Nakedness: communicating a threshold of deprivation in the new service economy
Discussant: Ted Warburton

November 20
Cecilia Guadalupe Salinas
The Land Without Evil: con-temporalities in the context of nature politics in Misiones, Argentina
Discussant: Mark Anderson

Spring 2013

May 9
Dolly Kikon (Doctoral Candidate, Stanford University) 
Seasonal Friendships: An Ethnography of Coal Traders in the Foothills of Northeast India
Discussant: Suraiya Jetha 

May 23
Peter Leykam (Doctoral Candidate, UCSC) 
Uncreative Spaces: The Social Life of Knock Off Cell Phones
Discussant: Marianne Lien

June 6
Katja Brøgger Jensen
Aarhus University

Winter 2013

January 31
Christian Palmer
Discussant: Don Brenneis

February 21
Special EE event in conjunction with the Sawyer Seminar and Strathern/Haraway lecture

March 14

Spring 2012

April 12
Frida Hastrup (Anthropology, University of Copenhagen/UCSC)
Encounters on the Coast: Introducing an Analogue Anthropology
Discussant: Vivian Choi (Anthropology, UC Davis)

April 26
Valentina Napolitano (Anthropology, University of Toronto/UC Berkeley)
Toward an Anthropology of Traces
Discussant: Danilyn Rutherford (Anthropology, UCSC)

May 10
Rosa Ficek (Anthropology, UCSC)
Migration and Mobility Along the Pan American Highway in Panama's Darien Gap
Discussant: Mark Anderson (Anthropology, UCSC)

Winter 2012

February 9
Stephanie Mc Callum
The Hyperreal Refugee: Politics of Truth and Suspicion in Argentina
Discussant: Mayanthi Fernando

February 16
Matthew Wolf-Meyer & Chris Cochran
The Braid of Minor Science and Literature: Thresholds of the Reproductive and Revolutionary Sciences
Discussant: Wlad Godzich

March 8
Michael Atkins
Knowing where to go and finding what you are looking for: The Emergence and Persistence of Places of Anonymous Sexual Encounter and Street Sex Work Between Men 
Discussant: Marcia Ochoa

March 15
Katy Overstreet
The Possibilities of Happiness: California Happy Cows, Wisconsin Farmers, and the Biopolitics of Production
Discussant: TBA

Fall 2011

October 6
Professor Mayanthi Fernando
Discussant: David Marriott

November 3
Peter Lutz
Careveillance of Aging Bodies as Proxemic Diffraction
Discussant: Jason Alley