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Spring 2023

May 10
Lucy Gill, PhD Candidate in the Anthropology Department at UC Berkeley
Restoring integrity:Archaeological evidence and Indigenous sovereignty in California cultural heritage law

April 26
Graduate School Workshop: The Whats, Whys, and Hows of Applying to Graduate School

April 12
Grace Alexandrino Ocana(Ph.D., Stanford University, 2021)
Peruvian anthropological archaeologist
Huaca citizenship: transforming archaeological ruins into sites of political struggle in Lima, Peru.

Winter 2023

March 8
Career Workshop: Finding Employment in Archaeology and Biological Anthropology

February 22
Dr. Phyllis S. JohnsonAugustana University
Archaeology Lab Director
Machine Learning and Gender: Rethinking “Women’s Work” in the Archaeological Past and Present

February 15
Dr. Kat Hayes, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Associate Prof. of Anthropology
Affiliate faculty, American Indian Studies, Heritage Studies & Public History, Center for Race, Indigeneity, Disability, Gender and Sexuality Studies

February 8
Alexii Sigona and Alec Apodaca, UC Berkeley
Revitalizing Indigenous Stewardship Practices on the North Santa Cruz Coast: Examples from Cotoni-Coast Dairies and San Vicente Redwoods

Fall 2022

November 2
Dr. Elizabeth Nelson, Microbial Paleogenomics Unit, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France
The history of Tuberculosis among Native Nations

October 26
Field workshop
The whats, whys, and hows of field school

October 19
Professor Cameron Monroe, Department of Anthropology, UC Santa Cruz 
'We Are Dahomey!': Archaeology, History and the Agodjie of Dahomey

October 12
Dr. Kaitlin Brown, UC Santa Cruz Anthropology 
Merging Theory to Practice in Public Archaeology: Engaging in Praxis at Mission La Purísima Concepción

Spring 2022

April 20
Beth Scaffidi, Assistant Professor, UC Merced Anthropology & Heritage Studies
Crafting communities: Examining geographic provenience and meaning of the enigmatic Corral Redondo feathered panels from Middle Horizon (ca. 600-1000 CE) Peru


May 11
David Ingleman, Doctoral Candidate in Anthropology, UC Santa Cruz
The Battle of Dragoon Hole: Imagined Histories, Mythical Memories, and Folk Archaeologies

May 18
Tyler Faith, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Utah and Curator of Archaeology, Natural History Museum of Utah
Rethinking the ecological drivers of hominin evolution

May 25
Graduate School Workshop: The Whats, Whys, and Hows of Applying to Graduate School

Winter 2022

January 19
Renee Boucher, PhD Candidate, UC Santa Cruz
The application of trace metal isotopes (Sr, Zn, Fe, Cu) to hominid ecology, physiology and behavior

January 26
Dr. Xueye Wang, Postdoctoral Scholar, UC Santa Cruz
Isotopic evidence for mobility and dietary strategies of the Bronze Age Tarim Mummies

February 2
Georgie DeAntoniPhD Candidate, UC Santa Cruz
Indigenous Persistence and Plant Use at Mission San Juan Bautista: A Low-Impact and Collaborative Archaeological Approach

February 16
Dr. Angela PerriAdjunct Assistant Professor, University of Nevada Las Vegas
Neither Person nor Beast: The (Pre)History of Working Dogs

March 2
Career Workshop with Dr. Lauren Zephro, Forensic Services Director, Santa Cruz County Sherriff's Office and Stella D'Oro, Senior Archaeologist and Co-owner at Albion Environmental
Job Opportunities and Pathways in Archaeology and BioAnthropology 




Fall 2021

October 27
Jacob Stone, UC Santa Cruz
Constructing Context Before, During, and After Internment Through Japanese-American Incarceration and the Historic 20th Century Redman-Hirahara Farmstead

November 10
Dr. Emily SchachUC Santa Cruz
The Gendered Elderly at Chiribaya Alta:
An Intersectional Approach Combining Mortuary Analysis and Age-at-Death Estimation Using Transition Analysis

December 1
Vicky M. Oelze & Eréndira M. Quintana Morales, with graduate students David Ingleman & Renee Boucher, UC Santa Cruz
Field School Workshop: The Whats, Whys, and Hows of Fieldwork Training

Spring 2021

April 7
Dr. Tiffany C. Fryer, Princeton University
An Archaeology of Violence and Coloniality in the Yucatan

April 28
Dr. Anna AntoniouUniversity of Michigan
When the tide goes out, the table is set”: Indigenous Food Sovereignty and Zooarchaeology in Coastal Washington

May 26
Jon Daehnke, UCSC
Chinook Absence/Presence: Visual Culture, Public Art, and Cultural Revitalization on the Columbia River

Winter 2021

January 20
Elena Sesma, University of Kentucky
Contemporary Landscape Archaeology and Memory in the Bahamas

March 10
Carla Hernandez GaravitoWake Forest University
The Relaciones Geograficas de Indias as Negotiated Space: A Case Study of Place-Making in Huarochiri (Lima, Peru)

Fall 2020

October 21
Victor D. Thompson, University of Georgia
Cooperation and the Great Houses of the Island Capital of the Calusa

November 4
Danielle Dadiego, UCSC
Local Adaptations to a Colonial Economy in Spanish La Florida

December 2
Keolu Fox, UCSD
Creating Accountability in Human Population Genetics Using Base Editing Tool

Winter 2020

January 22
Dr. Judith Habicht-Mauche 
Western Pueblo Glaze Paint Pigmenting Strategies: What I did on my Sabbatical

February 5
Aleksey Maro 
Ethanol within chimpanzee-consumed fruit: presence, preference, and significance

February 19 - CANCELED
Dr. Carla Hernandez Garavito 

Making Empire Local: Community, Legibility and Ritual Landscapes in Huarochirí (Lima, Peru)

Fall 2019

October 16
Dr. Koji Lau-Ozawa
Landscapes of Confinement: Surveying the Gila River Incarceration Camp

November 6
Dr. Matthew Kroot
Local Politics and Outside Entanglements in the History of a West African Shatter Zone:  The Bandafassi Regional Archeological Project, Senegal 

November 20
Field School Workshop
The Whats, Whys, and Hows of Field Work

Spring 2019

April 17
Dr. Randy Haas
The origins of agriculture: meat, potatoes, and place in the high Andes, 7000 BP

April 24
Dr. Todd Braje
Archaeology and Conservation in the Age of the Anthropocene

May 8
Graduate School Workshop ( Handout)

May 15
Dr. Damien Caillaud
Gorilla conservation in central Africa: lessons learned from 50 years of research at Karisoke

May 29
Dr. Michelle Brown
Male monopolies and female gangs: conflicts of interest during primate intergroup contests

Winter 2019

January 16
Dr. Lars Fehren-Schmitz
Genetic Insights into the Populations History of South Americans

January 30
Bio-anth Career Talk

February 13
Dr. Brendan Weaver
Spirits in Production: An Archaeology of Afro-Peru and the Jesuit Vineyards of Nasca

February 27
Dr. Jay Reti
The Dawn of Archaeology: Reconstructing technology at the 3.3 million year old site of Lomekwi, West Turkana, Kenya

Fall 2018

October 10
Dr. Jason E. Lewis
An Earlier Origin for Stone Tool Making: Implications for Cognitive Evolution and the Transition to Homo

October 17
Dr. Josh Snodgrass
Social change, gut microbial communities, and physical growth among Shuar forager-horticulturalists of Amazonian Ecuador: Integrating evolutionary and biocultural perspectives

November 7
Ronnie Steinitz
Weaving Food Webs: an integrative perspective on primate feeding ecology

November 14
Carolyn Smith
Memorialized Belongings: Contemporary Research and Repatriation of Karuk Basketry

November 28
Fieldwork Opportunity Workshop

December 5
E. Breck Parkman, CA State Parks
Digging the Sixties: An Archaeology of Hippies and Marines

Spring 2018

April 11
Dr. Terry L. Jones
Chendytes Lawi: Big Lessons From A Little Duck

Post-Hurricane Perspectives on Sustainable Archaeology in the U.S. Virgin Islands

May 2
Dr. Rebecca Allen
The Sum of All Things Small: Native Americans at Mission Santa Cruz

Ma y 16
Tim Wilcox
Truth, Commensurability, and Conflict of Narratives: Incorporating Indigenous Studies Theory Into Archaeological Research

May 23
Shayla Monroe
Animals in the Kerma Afterlife: Sheep, Goat, and Dog Burials in Abu Fatima Cemetery, Sudan

The Whats, Whys, and Hows of Applying to Graduate School

Winter 2018

January 17
Dr. Christina Hodge
Commemoration as Critique: Remaking Institutional Narratives through Archaeology Exhibition

Blogging and Podcasting: Best Practices for Archeaologists

February 14
Career Workshop
Finding Employment in Archaeology and Biological Anthropology

Protecting The Honuukvetam Pimuu've: Indigenous Archaeology on Pimu (Santa Catalina Island), CA

What Constitutes Violence in Small Scale Societies?

Fall 2017

October 18
Sarah Cowie
Community Engagement and Collaborative Archaeology at Stewart Indian School

October 25
Field School Workshop

Peripheral Areas and Illegal Settlements:
Everyday Life in the Early Colonial Period of Belize

November 15
Alan Garfinkel Gold
Religious Symbolism in Eastern California Ghost Rock Paintings

November 29
Vicky Oelze
Biomolecular Markers of Great Ape Dietary Behavior -
What We Can and Simply Cannot Tell from Stable Isotopes

Spring 2017

April 19
Jannine Forst
Cold Case in the Arctic: Ancient DNA and Private William Braine of the Lost Franklin Expedition, 1845

April 26
Dustin McKenzie
Experimental Archaeology: Fishing for the Past

May 3
Lauren Zephro
Applied Forensic Anthropology: An Introduction to Casework and Professional Careers

May 17
Edward M. Luby
The Museum Studies Program at SFSU: Creating a Student-FOcused Campus Museum from the Ground Up

May 31
Grad School Workshop 
The Whats, Whys, and Hows of Applying to Graduate School

Winter 2017

January 18
Career Workshop

February 1
Albert Gonzalez
Excavating Latinidad: Archaologies of Latinxs in the United States

February 15
Holley Moyes
The Ancient Maya Collapse:  A View from the Cave

March 1
Sarah Peelo,  John Ellison, Ryan Phillip, and Alyssa Cheli
Public Uses of Household Spaces: Archaeological Data Recovery of Room 102 at Rancho San Andres Castro Adobe
*Students enrolled in -- or thinking about enrolling in -- ANTH 189 (Archaeology Field Methods) for Spring 2017 are highly encouraged to attend this talk.*

FALL 2016

October 5
J. Cameron Monroe; Associate Professor, UCSC Department of Anthropology
The Three Phases of Sans Souci: Recent Discoveries and Heritage Archaeology at the Palace of Henry Christophe

October 19
Nathan Acebo, Graduate Student, Stanford University
Reassembling the Black Star Canyon Village

October 26
Barry A. Price, Vice President/Principal, Applied Earthworks, Inc.
Archaeology and the Law

November 9
Iain McKechnie, Assistant Professor, University of Victoria
The Maritime Fur Trade before the Maritime Fur Trade on the Pacific Coast of North America

November 16
Field School Workshop


April 13
Graduate School Workshop
Anthropology Faculty, UCSC

May 4
Mario Castillo, Graduate Student, Department of Anthropology, UC Berkeley
Pathway Analysis: Towards an Intensive Methodology in Landscape Archaeology

May 11
Kenneth G. Kelly, Professor and Chair, Department of Anthropology, University of South Carolina
Sugar and Slavery in the French West Indies: Transformations from the Ancien Régime through the Revolutionary Period

May 25
Gabriel Sanchez, Ph.D. Student, Department of Anthropology, UC Berkeley
Reconstructing the California Landscape: Insights from written records and archaeology from Point Reyes


January 20
Careers Workshop
Erik Zaborsky (BLM), Lauren Zephro (Santa Cruz County), and  Stella D'Oro (Albion Environmental)

February 3
Cat Jarman
Ph.D. Student, University of Bristol
Mobility, Massacres, and Marauding Maidens: The Viking Age from a Bioarchaeological Perspective

February 10
Dr. Cris Hughes
Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Temporal Patterns of Mexican Migrant Genetic Ancestry: Implications for Identification

March 2
Dr. Emily Egan
Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of History of Art and Visual Culture, UCSC
All the Megaron's a Stage:  Actors and Audience in Nestor's Palace

FALL 2015

October 14
Adela Amaral, UC President's Postdoc, UC Berkeley Department of Anthropology
The Archaeology of a Black Runaway Slave Reducción in Colonial Mexico

October 21
Field School Workshop

November 4
Tsim Schneider, Assistant Professor, UCSC Department of Anthropology
Native Resistance and Resiliency in Colonial California

November 18
Peter Nelson, Coast Miwok (Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria), Ph.D. Candidate, UC Berkeley Department of Anthropology
Indigenous Archaeology in Central California: Social Memory and the Maintenance of Indigenous Homes and Landscapes

December 2
Anne Austin, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University Department of History
Embodying the Goddess: The Practice of Tattooing in Ancient Egypt


April 8
David Ingleman, Graduate Student, UCSC Department of Anthropology; Director of the Flagstaff Community Archaeology Project
Kojo's Legacy: Rekindling the True Spirit of Our Ancestors

April 22
Alex Bentley, Professor, Department of Archaeology & Anthropology, Bristol University
Neolithic Kinship, Land Use, and Community Differentiation

May 6
Kenneth Ames, Professor Emeritus, Department of Anthropolog, Portland State University
Entangled in the Fur Trade on the Lower Columbia River with Complex Hunter-Gatherers

May 20
Anneke Janzen, Doctoral Candidate, UCSC Department of Anthropology
Exploring Early Pastoral Mobility in Kenya Through Stable Isotope Analysis

June 3
Graduate School Workshop


Jan. 14
Kelly Harkins, PhD, UCSC Dept. of Anthropology/UCSC Human Paleogenomics Lab
Paleogenetic analysis of pre-Columbian tuberculosis from the New World

Jan. 28
Charlotte Goudge, Postgraduate Researcher and Teaching Assistant, Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Bristol
Liquid Power: The Socio-Economic Impact of Rum on the 18th and 19th Century Atlantic World

Feb. 11
Jobs Workshop, with Erik Zaborsky and Dr. Lauren Zephro
Finding Employment in Archaeology and Physical Anthropology

Feb. 25
Fanya Becks, PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology, Stanford University

March 11
Stefan Prost, Post-Doc, UC Berkeley
A Primer to International Forensic Investigations of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity

FALL 2014

Oct. 8
Sarah Schrader, Visiting Assistant Professor, Anthropology Department, UCSC
Bioarchaeology of the Everyday

Oct. 22
Monica L. Smith, Professor, Department of Anthropology, UCLA
C ity and Countryside in Ancient India: Excavations at Sisupalgarh and Talapada

Nov. 5
Field School Workshop

Nov. 19
Mark Hylkema, Santa Cruz District Archaeologist, California State Parks
Tule Balsas and the San Francisco Bay Economy

Dec. 10
Rob Cuthrell, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Anthropology, UC Berkeley
Archaeology for Cultural Revitalization and Ecological Conservation on the Central California Coast



April 16
Workshop - "Applying to Grad School"

April 30
Matthew Des-Lauriers, Cal State Northridge
Fishermen, Pirates, and Corporations on Isla Cedros, Baja California: Contemporary Encounters and some Perspectives on the Past

May 7
Kathleen Hull, UC Merced
The Archaeology and Ethnohistory of Building Community in Native California

May 14
Julie Wesp, UC Berkeley
Bodies of Work: The Organization of Everyday Life Activities in Urban New Spain

May 21
Neil Duncan, Stanford University
Integrating Paleoethnobotanical Approaches in the Study of Food: a Case Study from the Peruvian Preceramic

June 4
Kelila Jaffe, NYU
Dogs, Domestication, and Disgust


January 15
Cranial Variation among Ancient Americans:
A Test of the Coastal Migration Hypothesis using 3D Methods
Susan Kuzminsky, UCSC

February 5
Cultural Heritage Research Program at Ikh Nart Nature
Reserve, Dornogobi Aimag, Mongolia
Jennifer Farquhar, Albion Environmental

February 12
Quantifying Stone Tool Production Behaviors in the
Oldowan of East Africa
Jay Reti, UCSC

February 26
Employment Workshop
Archaeology/Physical Anthropology Faculty, UCSC

March 12
Winged Lions and Bronze Horses: the Role of Animals in
Venetian Republican Expansion
Krish Seetah, Stanford University

FALL 2013

October 9th
Ancient DNA & the Population History of South America
Lars Fehren-Schmitz, UCSC Anthropology

October 16th
3D Saqqara:
Reconstructing Landscape at an Ancient Egyptian Necropolis with 3D GIS
Elaine Sullivan, UCSC History

November 6th
Re-Envisioning Indigenous Hinterlands in Colonial California 
Tsim Schneider, UCSB Postdoc

November 13th
Opening New Fields:
The Origins and Development of Complex Society in Ancient Sichuan, China
Rowan Flad, Harvard Anthropology

December 4th
Everything You Need to Know about Field Schools!


April 10th
Adventures as a Fossil Hunter
Stephanie Melillo, UCSC Anthropology

April 24th
All's "Well" That Throws "Well":
The Metals of the Cenote Sagrado at Chichen Itza
Bryan Cockerel, UC Berkeley Anthropology

May 8th
Getting a Job in Archaeology and Physical Anthropology
UCSC Faculty and Alumni Panel

May 29th - NEW DATE!
Wrestling with Palimpsests:
Ceramics, Settlement, and Landscape Archaeology on the Abomey Plateau, Benin
J. Cameron Monroe, UCSC Anthropology 

June 5th
Petroglyphs of a Death Valley Slot Canyon
Chester Liwosz, UCSC Anthropology

WINTER 2013 

January 16th
Workshop - Archaeological Field Schools: What, Why and How
Archaeology Faculty Panel, UCSC Anthropology 

January 30th
Christie Boone, UCSC Anthropology

February 13th
When Religion Was Radical:
The Very Formative Site of Chavin de Huantar, Peru
John Rick, Stanford Anthropology

February 27th
Julie Teichroeb, UCSC Anthropology

March 13th
Mobility of Early Pastoralists Assessed by Isotopic Analysis of Herd Animal Tooth Enamel:
Preliminary Results from the Central Rift Valley and Athi Plains of Kenya, 3000-1200 BP
Anneke Janzen, UCSC Anthropology

FALL 2012
October 17th
Life in an Industrial Village:
The Archaeology of Cabin B at the Cowell Lime Works Historic District, Santa Cruz, California 
Patricia Paramoure, Holman and Associates 

October 24th
Pilgrimage, Politics and Gender in Mesoamerica
Shankari Patel, UC Riverside 

November 7th
Getting into Graduate School: A Workshop
UC Santa Cruz Faculty 

November 28th
The Archaeology of "Empty" Spaces:
2011 and 2012 Fieldwork at Mission San Antonio
Chelsea Blackmore, UC Santa Cruz
Sarah Peelo, Albion Environmental 

April 11th
Society for American Archaeology Round-Up 
Chelsea Blackmore, Emma Britton and Cameron Monroe 

April 25th
Persistence of Indigenous Identity and the Legacies of Colonialism in Spanish California
Lee, Panich, Santa Clara University 

May 2nd
Jobs Workshop: Looking for Long-term and Summer Employment

May 9th
Computer-Assisted Reconstruction of the Wuzhaishan Site
Anthony Barbieri-Low, UC Santa Barbara

May 16th
Rethinking Archaeological Practice and Relationships, Past and Present: 
Lessons from Honduras and Mexico
Doris Maldonado, Stanford University

May 30th
Isotopes and the Future of Region of Origin Identification:
Geochemical Boundaries, Political Boundaries and Modeling Methods with a Mexican Sample Population
Chelsey Juarez, UCSC Anthropology 

January 25 th
Foragers, Farmers, Missionaries and Traders:
Cultural and Environmental Change on the Fringe of the Kalahari Desert
David Cohen, UC Berkeley

February 1 st

Field School Open House

Archaeology Panel: Chelsea Blackmore, UCSC; Melissa Chatfield, Stanford University; Dustin McKenzie, Cabrillo College 

February 15 th
Domestication of Water Buffalo in China
Li Liu, Stanford University 

February 29 th
Isotopes and the Future of Region of Origin Identification: Geochemical Boundaries, Political Boundaries and Modeling Methods with a Mexican Sample Population
Chelsey Juarez, UCSC Anthropology 

March 7 th
Political Vessels: Preliminary Perspectives on the Organization of Ceramic Production and Exchange
in Precolonial Dahomey

Mary Ann Fanning and Cameron Monroe, UCSC Anthropology 

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