Featured Instructors

 lars fehren schmitz"I hope that my classes ... get more dream-like in the future."

-Associate Professor Lars Fehren-Schmitz


annapurna pandey"This innate desire to know about people pushed me to study... anthropology, and it was the best thing that could have ever happened to me."

-Lecturer Annapurna Pandey


vicky oelze

"My goal is to build an isotope lab full of happy students working on research questions related to prehistoric human populations and living primates."

-Assistant Professor Vicky Oelze 


gullermo delgado pena

"Anthropology allows you to be a flexible and understanding person, and to see the world's complexity from a specific point of view."

-Lecturer Guillermo Delgado-P.


richard baldwin

"Our anthropology labs are a great space for students to try out lab work and see what there is that inspires or repulses them."

-Lab Manager Richard Baldwin



 nancy chen"I love teaching anthropology majors because they push me to think."

-Associate Professor Nancy Chen



 mark_headshot.png"Anthropology cultivates a critical sensibility of questioning common misunderstandings about how the way things are or should be."

-Department Chair Mark Anderson


 andrew-headshot.png"Anthropology allows you to be curious about everything, from poetry to history to climate change models."

-Associate Professor Andrew Matthews


tsim headshot

"I strive to conduct (Indigenous archeology) that is relevant to the histories and needs of communities who have often been excluded in North America."

-Assistant Professor Tsim Schneider