Archaeology of the American Southwest

ANTH 196L: Archaeology of the American Southwest

ANTH 196L outlines the development of native cultures in the American Southwest from Paleo-Indian times (ca. 11,500 BC) through early European Contact (ca. A.D. 1600). Through readings, lectures, seminar discussions, and writing assignments students will gain an understanding of the greater environment, early foraging cultures, development of agriculture and village life,anasazi home emergence and decline of regional alliances,processes of regional depopulation, migration, and reorganization, and changes in social organization, external relations and trade in this area. They will also learn about the early history of archaeology in the Southwest and its role in the development of anthropological archaeology in North America. Students will also be exposed to major theoretical and methodological developments that have been central to the practice of archaeology in this region.

Prerequisite: This course is a senior seminar. 

Instructor: Judith A. Habicht Mauche

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