ANTH 151: Workshop in Ethnography

ANTH 151: Workshop in Ethnography

Scheduled for Spring '18
5 Units

Through demonstration, practice, and participation, acquire skills in collecting and analyzing cultural data.

Work with members of other cultures and with each other to learn to identify significant cultural patterns.

Lectures and readings provide added perspective and a theoretical base.

ANTH151 is a useful course for students considering study abroad as it is designed to develop a toolkit for approaching and understanding other cultures.  In that sense, however, it is also a beneficial course for anyone interested in anthropology as a discipline.  For those considering the major, ANTH 151 can satisfy the sociocultural anthropology core requirement.  Please see our major requirements page or visit the advising office for more information.

Offered Spring '17: Mon, Wed, Fri 10:40 a.m.-11:45 a.m., 161 Social Sciences 1

Prerequisite: Anth 2.  Prerequisite can be waived with permission of the instructor.

Instructor: Alejandra Kramer

EAP Students: More useful info can be found on our EAP page.  Also see Conducting Research While Studying Abroad.

Word On The Street...

"I took Ethnography Workshop over the summer with the intention of transforming what I wrote there into my senior thesis. Although I didn’t end up following that plan, I highly recommend anyone who wants to write a thesis to take this course. If you aren’t sure about writing a thesis, this is a safe way to test the waters and weigh your options without committing. When I took the course, we read about how to write an ethnography, the basic principles of fieldwork and the moral and ethical dilemmas therein, and one example ethnography that we picked apart piece by piece. I’ll say it now: writing ethnographic text is hard work. There was more to consider than I ever imagined. That said, it was extremely rewarding to settle on a topic and get to work. I learned a lot about both my subject and myself through the process of writing ethnographically." --Adam, 4th Year Anth Student, Winter '17