Greetings... Drop-In Advising Hours

Thanks for stopping by the Department Anthropology advising office.  We have information about the major or minor and can help take care of your paperwork, and more:   Do field work overseas; get credit for local internships; give a workshop or become a peer adviser yourself - come talk to us about it!

    Molly Segale, Undergraduate Adviser

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    As the Anthropology Undergrad Adviser, my job is to help students complete our programs on time while also having the most enriching experiences. I can help you with declaration, education abroad, choosing courses, pursuing independent studies and making post-graduate plans.

    My passions include travel and education, preferably both at once. As both a student and a teacher abroad, I’ve fallen in love with the world multiple times. My favorite adventures include running through the ancient Greek stadium in Olympia and telling ghost stories in a candlelit lecture hall to university students in China. 

    Please contact or visit me if you have any questions about the Anthropology Department’s undergrad programs!  You can see me Monday-Thursday from 9:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-4:00pm at 361 Social Sciences 1; I can also be reached at or (831)459-3320.

  • Isabel, Peer Adviser

  • No alternative textI am a fourth year anthropology major. My favorite anthropological experience has been studying abroad and traveling in Europe for four months. Being there exposed me to so many different customs, traditions, languages and food. If you want to know more about studying abroad and fitting it into your schedule, drop by the anthropology advising office!

  • Wesley, Peer Adviser

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    I am a transfer-junior undergraduate pursuing education in cultural anthropology. I am interested in concepts involving the environment, economy and political theory as well as issues of identity, race and cultural heritage to name a few. I am aiming to conduct research in Latin American. I will be pursuing a doctorate degree after I graduate from UCSC.

  • Michiko, Peer Adviser

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    After taking Anthropology 1 during my first quarter at UCSC, I immediately switched my intended major from Biology to Anthropology. With Anthropology I still get the science aspects that I love, but in a more people- and community-oriented way. Thanks to some of the amazing teachers and professors, my perspective of the world is completely different. As of right now, I am particularly interested in Latin American/Latino communities in the United States, and I’m hoping to merge my experience with Anthropology with a minor in Latin American and Latino Studies. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you all. 

  • Naima, Peer Adviser

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    I am passionate about being an anthropology adviser because of the opportunity to help students in their educational endeavors. At the beginning of my educational career, I did not take advantage of the assistance offered on campus, specifically through the major department, and I have always wondered how much more easily navigating Anthropology would have been with that help - instead of strictly learning by trial and error. By participating in the advising program, I hope to create a positive and welcoming environment where I am able to guide others and lend them a helping hand as students traverse the university.

    Though I am here to help in all parts of anthropology, I have a special place in my heart for the biological and forensic sides.

  • Adam, Peer Adviser

  • No alternative textI'm a fourth-year anthropology major with a passion for gaming!  I'm a huge nerd about both games and anthropology, and there's nothing I love more than to talk about my passions.  My favorite part about anthropology is that it's observable in everyday life.  I also love that anthropology courses at UCSC change the way I think and view the world.  One of my favorite recent anthropological experiences was when I visited my uncles and cousins in England and saw a bit of English culture!

The Undergraduate Program Coordinator/Adviser, the Undergraduate Director, and the Executive Committee administer the Anthropology undergraduate program.  If students have questions or concerns about university/program administration, policy, processes, or degree progress, come to the drop-in advising hours.  Also feel free to contact Molly Segale, Undergraduate Program Coordinator directly, or Jon Daehnke, 2016-17 Director of Undergraduate Studies.