Ethnographic Engagements

Thursdays, 12:00 noon - 1:30pm in the Ethnographic Library, 328, Social Sciences 1

Spring 2013

May 9th
Dolly Kikon (Doctoral Candidate, Stanford University) 
Seasonal Friendships: An Ethnography of Coal Traders in the Foothills of Northeast India
Discussant: Suraiya Jetha 

May 23rd
Peter Leykam (Doctoral Candidate, UCSC) 
Uncreative Spaces: The Social Life of Knock Off Cell Phones
Discussant: Marianne Lien

June 6th
Katja Brøgger Jensen
Aarhus University

Winter 2013

January 31st
Christian Palmer with Discussant, Don Brenneis

February 21st
Special EE event in conjunction with the Sawyer Seminar and Strathern/Haraway lecutre

March 14th

Spring 2012

April 12th
Frida Hastrup
(Anthropology, University of Copenhagen/UCSC) - "Encounters on the Coast: Introducing an Analogue Anthropology"
              Discussant: Vivian Choi (Anthropology, UC Davis)

April 26th
Valentina Napolitano (Anthropology, University of Toronto/UC Berkeley) - "Toward an Anthropology of Traces"
              Discussant: Danilyn Rutherford (Anthropology, UCSC)

May 10th
Rosa Ficek (Anthropology, UCSC) - "Migration and Mobility Along the Pan American Highway in Panama's Darien Gap"
              Discussant: Mark Anderson (Anthropology, UCSC)

Winter 2012

February 9th: Stephanie Mc Callum - The Hyperreal Refugee: Politics of Truth and Suspicion in Argentina"
              Discussant: Mayanthi Fernando

February 16thMatthew Wolf-Meyer & Chris Cochran
"The Braid of Minor Science and Literature: Thresholds of the Reproductive and Revolutionary Sciences"

              Discussant: Wlad Godzich

March 8: Michael Atkins
"Knowing where to go and finding what you are looking for: The Emergence and Persistence of
Places of Anonymous Sexual Encounter and Street Sex Work Between Men" 

                 Discussant: Marcia Ochoa

March 15th: Katy Overstreet - "The Possibilities of Happiness:
California Happy Cows, Wisconsin Farmers, and the Biopolitics of Production" 

              Discussant: TBA

Fall 2011

October 6th: Professor Mayanthi Fernando
Discussant: David Marriott

November 3rd:  Peter Lutz - "Careveillance of Aging Bodies as Proxemic Diffraction"
   Discussant: Jason Alley