Ethnographic Engagements

Fridays, 1 - 2:30pm in Social Sciences 1, 261

Winter 2015

February 27
Cecily Engelhart
Siouxtable Food: A documentary film
Discussant: Renya Ramirez

Fall 2014

October 30
Aaron Montoya
Dance and Nakedness: communicating a threshold of deprivation in the new service economy
Discussant: Ted Warburton

November 20
Cecilia Guadalupe Salinas
The Land Without Evil: con-temporalities in the context of nature politics in Misiones, Argentina
Discussant: Mark Anderson

Spring 2013

May 9
Dolly Kikon (Doctoral Candidate, Stanford University) 
Seasonal Friendships: An Ethnography of Coal Traders in the Foothills of Northeast India
Discussant: Suraiya Jetha 

May 23
Peter Leykam (Doctoral Candidate, UCSC) 
Uncreative Spaces: The Social Life of Knock Off Cell Phones
Discussant: Marianne Lien

June 6
Katja Brøgger Jensen
Aarhus University

Winter 2013

January 31
Christian Palmer
Discussant: Don Brenneis

February 21
Special EE event in conjunction with the Sawyer Seminar and Strathern/Haraway lecture

March 14

Spring 2012

April 12
Frida Hastrup (Anthropology, University of Copenhagen/UCSC)
Encounters on the Coast: Introducing an Analogue Anthropology
Discussant: Vivian Choi (Anthropology, UC Davis)

April 26
Valentina Napolitano (Anthropology, University of Toronto/UC Berkeley)
Toward an Anthropology of Traces
Discussant: Danilyn Rutherford (Anthropology, UCSC)

May 10
Rosa Ficek (Anthropology, UCSC)
Migration and Mobility Along the Pan American Highway in Panama's Darien Gap
Discussant: Mark Anderson (Anthropology, UCSC)

Winter 2012

February 9
Stephanie Mc Callum
The Hyperreal Refugee: Politics of Truth and Suspicion in Argentina
Discussant: Mayanthi Fernando

February 16
Matthew Wolf-Meyer & Chris Cochran
The Braid of Minor Science and Literature: Thresholds of the Reproductive and Revolutionary Sciences
Discussant: Wlad Godzich

March 8
Michael Atkins
Knowing where to go and finding what you are looking for: The Emergence and Persistence of Places of Anonymous Sexual Encounter and Street Sex Work Between Men 
Discussant: Marcia Ochoa

March 15
Katy Overstreet
The Possibilities of Happiness: California Happy Cows, Wisconsin Farmers, and the Biopolitics of Production
Discussant: TBA

Fall 2011

October 6
Professor Mayanthi Fernando
Discussant: David Marriott

November 3
Peter Lutz
Careveillance of Aging Bodies as Proxemic Diffraction
Discussant: Jason Alley