Archaeological & Physical Lunch Talks

Wednesdays at 12:30pm in 261 Social Sciences 1


April 8
David Ingleman, Graduate Student, UCSC Department of Anthropology; Director of the Flagstaff Community Archaeology Project
Kojo's Legacy: Rekindling the True Spirit of Our Ancestors

April 22
Alex Bentley, Professor, Department of Archaeology & Anthropology, Bristol University
Neolithic Kinship, Land Use, and Community Differentiation

May 6
Kenneth Ames, Professor Emeritus, Department of Anthropolog, Portland State University
Entangled in the Fur Trade on the Lower Columbia River with Complex Hunter-Gatherers

May 20
Anneke Janzen, Doctoral Candidate, UCSC Department of Anthropology
Exploring Early Pastoral Mobility in Kenya Through Stable Isotope Analysis

June 3
Graduate School Workshop


Jan. 14
Kelly Harkins, PhD, UCSC Dept. of Anthropology/UCSC Human Paleogenomics Lab
Paleogenetic analysis of pre-Columbian tuberculosis from the New World

Jan. 28
Charlotte Goudge, Postgraduate Researcher and Teaching Assistant, Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Bristol
Liquid Power: The Socio-Economic Impact of Rum on the 18th and 19th Century Atlantic World

Feb. 11
Jobs Workshop, with Erik Zaborsky and Dr. Lauren Zephro
Finding Employment in Archaeology and Physical Anthropology

Feb. 25
Fanya Becks, PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology, Stanford University

March 11
Stefan Prost, Post-Doc, UC Berkeley
A Primer to International Forensic Investigations of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity

FALL 2014

Oct. 8
Sarah Schrader, Visiting Assistant Professor, Anthropology Department, UCSC
Bioarchaeology of the Everyday

Oct. 22
Monica L. Smith, Professor, Department of Anthropology, UCLA
City and Countryside in Ancient India: Excavations at Sisupalgarh and Talapada

Nov. 5
Field School Workshop

Nov. 19
Mark Hylkema, Santa Cruz District Archaeologist, California State Parks
Tule Balsas and the San Francisco Bay Economy

Dec. 10
Rob Cuthrell, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Anthropology, UC Berkeley
Archaeology for Cultural Revitalization and Ecological Conservation on the Central California Coast



April 16
Workshop - "Applying to Grad School"

April 30
Matthew Des-Lauriers, Cal State Northridge
Fishermen, Pirates, and Corporations on Isla Cedros, Baja California: Contemporary Encounters and some Perspectives on the Past

May 7
Kathleen Hull, UC Merced
The Archaeology and Ethnohistory of Building Community in Native California

May 14
Julie Wesp, UC Berkeley
Bodies of Work: The Organization of Everyday Life Activities in Urban New Spain

May 21
Neil Duncan, Stanford University
Integrating Paleoethnobotanical Approaches in the Study of Food: a Case Study from the Peruvian Preceramic

June 4
Kelila Jaffe, NYU
Dogs, Domestication, and Disgust


January 15
Cranial Variation among Ancient Americans:
A Test of the Coastal Migration Hypothesis using 3D Methods
Susan Kuzminsky, UCSC

February 5
Cultural Heritage Research Program at Ikh Nart Nature
Reserve, Dornogobi Aimag, Mongolia
Jennifer Farquhar, Albion Environmental

February 12
Quantifying Stone Tool Production Behaviors in the
Oldowan of East Africa
Jay Reti, UCSC

February 26
Employment Workshop
Archaeology/Physical Anthropology Faculty, UCSC

March 12
Winged Lions and Bronze Horses: the Role of Animals in
Venetian Republican Expansion
Krish Seetah, Stanford University

FALL 2013

October 9th
Ancient DNA & the Population History of South America
Lars Fehren-Schmitz, UCSC Anthropology

October 16th
3D Saqqara:
Reconstructing Landscape at an Ancient Egyptian Necropolis with 3D GIS
Elaine Sullivan, UCSC History

November 6th
Re-Envisioning Indigenous Hinterlands in Colonial California 
Tsim Schneider, UCSB Postdoc

November 13th
Opening New Fields:
The Origins and Development of Complex Society in Ancient Sichuan, China
Rowan Flad, Harvard Anthropology

December 4th
Everything You Need to Know about Field Schools!


April 10th
Adventures as a Fossil Hunter
Stephanie Melillo, UCSC Anthropology

April 24th
All's "Well" That Throws "Well":
The Metals of the Cenote Sagrado at Chichen Itza
Bryan Cockerel, UC Berkeley Anthropology

May 8th
Getting a Job in Archaeology and Physical Anthropology
UCSC Faculty and Alumni Panel

May 29th - NEW DATE!
Wrestling with Palimpsests:
Ceramics, Settlement, and Landscape Archaeology on the Abomey Plateau, Benin
J. Cameron Monroe, UCSC Anthropology 

June 5th
Petroglyphs of a Death Valley Slot Canyon
Chester Liwosz, UCSC Anthropology

WINTER 2013 

January 16th
Workshop - Archaeological Field Schools: What, Why and How
Archaeology Faculty Panel, UCSC Anthropology 

January 30th
Christie Boone, UCSC Anthropology

February 13th
When Religion Was Radical:
The Very Formative Site of Chavin de Huantar, Peru
John Rick, Stanford Anthropology

February 27th
Julie Teichroeb, UCSC Anthropology

March 13th
Mobility of Early Pastoralists Assessed by Isotopic Analysis of Herd Animal Tooth Enamel:
Preliminary Results from the Central Rift Valley and Athi Plains of Kenya, 3000-1200 BP
Anneke Janzen, UCSC Anthropology

FALL 2012
October 17th
Life in an Industrial Village:
The Archaeology of Cabin B at the Cowell Lime Works Historic District, Santa Cruz, California 
Patricia Paramoure, Holman and Associates 

October 24th
Pilgrimage, Politics and Gender in Mesoamerica
Shankari Patel, UC Riverside 

November 7th
Getting into Graduate School: A Workshop
UC Santa Cruz Faculty 

November 28th
The Archaeology of "Empty" Spaces:
2011 and 2012 Fieldwork at Mission San Antonio
Chelsea Blackmore, UC Santa Cruz
Sarah Peelo, Albion Environmental 

April 11th
Society for American Archaeology Round-Up 
Chelsea Blackmore, Emma Britton and Cameron Monroe 

April 25th
Persistence of Indigenous Identity and the Legacies of Colonialism in Spanish California
Lee, Panich, Santa Clara University 

May 2nd
Jobs Workshop: Looking for Long-term and Summer Employment

May 9th
Computer-Assisted Reconstruction of the Wuzhaishan Site
Anthony Barbieri-Low, UC Santa Barbara

May 16th
Rethinking Archaeological Practice and Relationships, Past and Present: 
Lessons from Honduras and Mexico
Doris Maldonado, Stanford University

May 30th
Isotopes and the Future of Region of Origin Identification:
Geochemical Boundaries, Political Boundaries and Modeling Methods with a Mexican Sample Population
Chelsey Juarez, UCSC Anthropology 

January 25th
Foragers, Farmers, Missionaries and Traders:
Cultural and Environmental Change on the Fringe of the Kalahari Desert
David Cohen, UC Berkeley

February 1st

Field School Open House

Archaeology Panel: Chelsea Blackmore, UCSC; Melissa Chatfield, Stanford University; Dustin McKenzie, Cabrillo College 

February 15th
Domestication of Water Buffalo in China
Li Liu, Stanford University 

February 29th
Isotopes and the Future of Region of Origin Identification: Geochemical Boundaries, Political Boundaries and Modeling Methods with a Mexican Sample Population
Chelsey Juarez, UCSC Anthropology 

March 7th
Political Vessels: Preliminary Perspectives on the Organization of Ceramic Production and Exchange
in Precolonial Dahomey

Mary Ann Fanning and Cameron Monroe, UCSC Anthropology 

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